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I'll be all in clover when they look you over

Easter --- see how close I am to catching up with real time? Don't worry, that'll slow down soon enough --- we observed in something pretty like our normal fashion. We had figured to go to bunny_hugger's parents the day before, stay overnight, and leave in the afternoon, by which we really meant ``pretty close to midnight''. The plan was almost derailed at the last minute when we realized from a mention in e-mail that they weren't expecting us on Saturday, somehow. They'd thought we might spend just the one day there. That was embarrassing but it was just a phone call to straighten out.

We brought four dozen eggs, from the Horrock's farmers market on the west side of town. They've got eggs from a local supplier that seems to treat their chickens pretty well, to our general satisfaction. The eggs that we've since eaten have also had surprisingly large yolks. Like, when bunny_hugger said they had large yolks she was understating them. I've had at least one egg with a yolk more than 150 percent its size.

The egg-decorating was much as we've done in the past. bunny_hugger and her mother and I sat around the table trying to work out which of the Paas dye tablets might be pink versus which might be red or purple, and coming to no strong conclusions. (It matters because pink's supposed to be mixed in water alone, no vinegar, while the others take vinegar.) bunny_hugger finally hit on a sensible experiment to tell which was which, and that was to put them in water first and then add vinegar to the non-pink dye. So you know which PhD in the household has the sense.

Can't say we had any brilliant egg designs this year. I think my best idea might've been drawing eyeglasses on one egg, but you know what it's like drawing with the white crayon on a basically white eggshell. An actual twist we did have was this metallizer cover from a kit we bought after Easter, on deep discount, last year. Supposedly by smearing glue on your egg and crumpling foil sheets around it you could get a neat, glossy, semi-metallized egg. So you kind of can, if you work at it, and try a lot. This was probably a good idea that's never gone on sale again because there is no possible way that an eight-year-old could make this work. bunny_hugger needed repeated experiments to get it to work, and she's got actual motor skills and an attention span and the ability to plan out complicated actions. Kids would be completely at sea. Which is a shame, because it's kind of neat to have a glossy metallic Easter egg. It's just better done in dye or with plastic shrink-wrap technologies.

Trivia: Four players for the Louisville team were expelled for life for conspiring to sell games, in the National League's, and organized baseball's, first crackdown on gambling, in 1877. Source: Crazy '08: How a Cast of Cranks, Rogues, Boneheads, and Magnates Created the Greatest Year in Baseball History, Cait Murphy.

Currently Reading: Worldly Goods: A New History of the Renaissance, Lisa Jardine.

PS: A Leap Day 2016 Mathematics A To Z: Riemann Sphere, giving you some conformal mappings in case you needed them.


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