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Those insects make me dance dance dance

We had a panel to attend, almost right away. It was bunny_hugger's. She was running a Bunnies SIG, as she does at every convention. It was about this point I realized that I never knew when to sign up to run a panel myself. If I'd known I'd have put forth a Procyonids SIG, or at least a Raccoons And Other Ringed Tails SIG, because it turns out furries don't know what ``Procyonids'' are, and running a Coatis SIG would just be really sad.

But bunny_hugger didn't miss the request for panels, and she volunteered for her favorite non-me topic. It might have been the first specific con event other than opening ceremonies and the pre-opening, Thursday evening, Mystery Science Theater 3000 session. (If I have it right that was a proper MiSTing night, people watching bad movies together and making fun of them. This would have been great fun but there's no way we could have made it.)

She ran it as usual, having everyone introduce themselves and talk about what they like about bunnies and rabbits and then moving on to pop culture representations of rabbits. For the first time in ages, I believe, there wasn't anyone at one of these who had somehow missed Watership Down. Also for the first time ever, I believe, nobody poked his head in to declare the bunch of rabbits and rabbit enthusiasts ``lunch''. Possibly Zootopia really is changing the furry community in bizarre ways.

She didn't run a bunnies-trivia-panel. She hasn't in a while. This disappointed one of the attendees, a friend who hadn't made it to Motor City Furry Con or the like in a couple of years. Also she didn't give away any little bunny toys either. We didn't have the chance to raid Meijer's or other stores for Easter surplus. We didn't realize it would be asked after like that.

Right after the Bunnies SIG was another species SIG. We were delighted; species SIGs have almost vanished from furry cons, at least in our experience. This was the Insects SIG, and we stayed around because despite not being insects or particularly interested in insects we do want to support species panels. I did not mention the traditional interaction between insects and coatis. Although, alas, a bat fursuiter did poke his head in and provoke the oh-here's-the-buffet joke. In fairness, the bat didn't make the joke. The panel attendees made it.

The host, Upstar Willington, had his ant suit and props --- including a couple of giant sugar cubes also usable as tote bags --- and those were pretty impressive. Also he and his mother made little gift bags of sugar candies to pass out, including ``dirt'' cupcakes (crumbled Oreo cookies) with gummi worms. We'd save those for our coffee/tea later on. Also we learned that everybody thinks it's a controversial opinion that Antz is a better movie than A Bugs' Life, except that everybody agrees Antz is the better movie. Fun panel, though. We might start going to species SIGs we're not interested in just because it's fun being around people talking about stuff they like.

Afterwards we poked around the Dealers' Den, in the traditional pursuits. Looking for sketchbook commissions for one. We would find nobody quite right there, and we failed to get to the Artists Alley in time. The big thing would be the Lemonbrat stand. bunny_hugger had bought a rabbit hood from them recently --- a short cape and rabbit-eared hood, with a (separate) tail to clip on her belt --- and liked it a lot. It's cute, and it's well-liked. She's been considering buying a hoodie but wanted to see how the things actually fit. They have sizes listed, of course, but those are of dubious value. They didn't have any of the rabbit hoodies on the rack, but she would try on one of the wolf hoodies and gain confidence that she understood how large their sizes were.

After we went back to our room. It was a chance to rest, and bunny_hugger had to do some grading for her classes. She'd given an exam Thursday and had to grade some time. This was a chance to enjoy the cupcakes. It was also the chance to discover the room coffee machine had a fatal flaw. The coffee pack pouches supplied by housekeeping were for much larger machines. In the single-serving drip-brewers the hot water filled and overflowed the pouch, spilling coffee onto the table. And it wasn't a one-shot glitch, either. The coffee pouches they delivered the next day were the same over size. Coffee-making experiments would become a very minor theme of our hotel room experience.

Trivia: The Railway Clearing House was established in 1842 by the various English railroad companies in order to coordinate traffic moving on more than one company's rail lines, particularly through traffic as opposed to local or regional travel. Source: The Railway Journey: The Industrialization of Time and Space in the 19th Century, Wolfgang Schivelbusch.

Currently Reading: Justice at Nuremberg, Robert E Conot.

PS: Reading the Comics, April 24, 2016: Mental Mathematics and Calendars Edition, in which I just show off is all, okay?

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