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Insects crawling all around, insects squirming in the ground

We got back out in time for supper in the con suite. That would be nachos with some lettuce and tomatoes and stuff sprinkled on it. There was ground beef in sauce available for people who wanted a nacho salad that actually hung together, but not a vegetarian-friendly option, like, beans. Possibly there had been at one point and it was exhausted by the time we got there. Morphicon does better at providing stuff vegetarians can actually get.

Afterward we went to the Pepper Coyote/Fox Amoore concert. The first one. They'd have one on Saturday too. The Friday concert was the family-friendly, non-drinking one. And it's a good one. They have a good stage chemistry and apparently it isn't just luck. They do have some kind of joint album coming out in the summer. Pepper Coyote does a lot of work with repeaters and that makes for some impressive performances. bunny_hugger bought, I believe, two CDs. It was either at this or at the Saturday concert and Friday's seems the more plausible to me.

I think Pepper Coyote was one of the guests of honor for the convention. I admit neither bunny_hugger nor I pay much attention to the guests of honor at furry conventions because ... well, Pepper Coyote's always at Motor City Furry Con, right? We don't really notice the theme for the conventions either, since that doesn't seem to affect the proceedings past the logo and the illustrations in the program booklet.

We were surprised by the scheduled start time for the Friday night dance. There was no Friday night dance. We were heartbroken even if it did spare people from seeing me dance. The space was needed for a comedy performance with Alkali, Xander the Blue, and Pandez, and after that for Whose Lion Is It Anyways, neither of which we were very enthusiastic for.

What we did do was get into our kigurumi. I have the red panda one, of course. bunny_hugger had her choice, and went as a peacock. I also went around with my guinea pig puppet, a Folkmanis figure that like the red panda was a gift from her. She went out with a stage puppet style peacock. That one's not a full-body character; it's just a head. It's best for use when most of the figure can be hidden behind a wall or something. She's actually figured out a name and has a voice for her peacock and everything. The guinea pig puppet I've never worked out a name for, and haven't even tried voicing. But the guinea pig looks about the right size and shape for a guinea pig and so we got a lot of people asking if it was real. ``Well, it's a real puppet,'' I explained more than once.

We'd do some walking around, doing our best to make small talk, in the hotel's lounge and in the con suite. And somewhere around midnight we wandered off to bed. I'd sleep well because I can sleep through anything. bunny_hugger slept fine except when someone at the hotel used the elevator to get from any floor to another.

Trivia: The United States's largest industrial employer in 1860 was the Bath Iron Works of Maine. It had 4500 workers. Source: An Empire Of Wealth: The Epic History of American Economic Power, John Steele Gordon.

Currently Reading: Justice at Nuremberg, Robert E Conot.

PS: A Leap Day 2016 Mathematics A To Z: Z-score, finishing off a sequence in which I was never writing as far ahead of deadline as I really wanted to!

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