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Go to sleep and dream of snow, snow, snow

Oh, so, a bit of pinball league news. I mentioned the day bunny_hugger, CST, MWS, and I drove out to Fremont, Michigan, to do a full season of play in the Blind Squirrel League. This put us tolerably nicely placed in the league ahead of the finals, which were to be the last Wednesday in February. Scheduling anything for Michigan, especially the west side of Michigan, in winter is a danger but we had a very gentle, snow-light season.

Except that we did get one really enormously heavy storm. And it was exactly that day. It was heavy enough that even the universities, including bunny_hugger's, cancelled classes. And universities hate cancelling classes. We had known the storm was coming, and were sending our apologies for missing finals. But they knew too, and they postponed the season finals until the last Wednesday of March, a safer though not absolutely secure date.

So go ahead and guess when the other major storm of the year was. This was a lesser one; the universities didn't cancel classes, though their Facebook pages were filled with angry comments from commuters asking what they were thinking not cancelling. But it was also on the special Wednesday and while Blind Squirrel League didn't postpone things again, none of our little pod decided to go out. I am confident we made the right choice. But many people didn't; something like nine people went to league finals.

Those who went were well-rewarded in competitive pinball points. The family running the Blind Squirrel League knows how to maximize International Flipper Pinball Association points for events, and the people who were able to make it leapt far up the 2016 State Rankings.

They're carrying on with the Blind Squirrel League, although we're still not sure about whether to go. On the one hand, it's a long way out. And while it's not technically a Selfie League, the differences between it and a Selfie League are mostly down to personal integrity. (You're to play each game up to twice for credit per league week, not an unlimited number of tries. But if you go in by yourself and discover your practice game is beyond awesome, what keeps you from deciding that oh yeah, this is the one you meant to score? ... A challenge I did face when we did play, but I decided that since I had started out considering it a practice game I must stick with that.) But then it's run by great people, who're great at making pinball open and inviting to new players. And they have a fine venue and a great variety of games. And as said, they are really good at working the IFPA points scheme. The state's top-16 for 2016 are probably going to be the people who do Blind Squirrel League events.

We're certainly going to other pinball events they run. We just have to think a bit more about what we're doing, and why.

Trivia: From June 1905 to June 1906, the first full year of manufacturing at Derry Church, Pennsylvania, net sales of Hershey chocolate topped $1 million. This was about 25 percent higher than the previous twelve months, and comparable to that of Jell-O. Source: Hershey: Milton S Hershey's Extraordinary Life of Wealth, Empire, and Utopian Dreams, Michael D'Antonio.

Currently Reading: All Was Done With Measure, Number, Weight: An Introduction to the New Metaphysics of Numbers, Jacques Vauthier.

PS: Any Requests, Theorem Thursdays Edition? as I want to do another series of essays and need suggestions for it.

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