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This is one rule I must remember, I before E except after C

After Motor City Fur[ry] Con our next major activity was Pinball At The Zoo. For those planning out their schedule of what I'm going on at length about, after Pinball At the Zoo came the Grand Rapids league pinball finals, and Morphicon/Anthrohio, and the Lansing pinball league finals. Also in there somewhere was a launch party for the Ghostbusters pinball game. And that should cover things until I get back into amusement park trip report season.

Pinball At The Zoo is held in Kalamazoo, not a literal zoo. Although its logo this year was zoo-appropriate: it had a bunch of animals gathered around a pinball machine, with the snake hissing ``Sssuperb!'' The logo has at least the last several years been some group of figures gathered around a game with someone making a positive noise. At the 2014 show, the first major pinball event bunny_hugger and I attended outside our league, it was robots.

The previous years we'd visited and gone just or one day, Saturday. Not this time. For one, we wanted more time to poke around seeing machines; by the time the qualifications for the tournament finish on Saturday people are usually already packing up machines and moving them out. For another, one of the tournaments would have its qualification session close on Friday, with finals to be held Saturday. And that was classics, all electromechanical and solid state games. We would be facing tough competition this year in any case. The Michigan pinball scene is getting crazily competitive. And the Pinball At The Zoo show was added to the Professional and Amateur Pinball Association's circuit, bringing in a lot of the Chicago area's players in the search for points and prestige. Classic games would be an arena in which bunny_hugger and I could plausibly compete. Especially against even the Chicagoland ringers: we'd played these particular tables before, while they? ... Maybe had, maybe had not.

So we made hotel reservations, staying at the same hotel we'd been in for New Year's. We figured we'd drop our pet rabbit off at bunny_hugger's parents, who turned out to get back from a medical appointment hours before they figured they would. This threw us a little off schedule; we'd thought we'd be just dropping him off, and we instead had a visit. We also had plans to go, after Friday's pinball-playing, to the open house hosed by MJS at his pole barn again, before going to Saturday's competition. We wouldn't do that. But there were things we planned to do that actually happened more or less as planned. Playing in classics finals would not be among them.

Trivia: While in Fiji in May 1840 South Seas Exploring Expedition commander John Wilkes captured and arrested the chief Veidovi, responsible for the 1834 killings of crew of the American trader Charles Doggett. Wilkes pledged that Veidovi would be simply forced to live among Americans for several years and then be returned, presumably reformed, to his people. Source: Sea of Glory: The Epic South Seas Expedition, Nathaniel Philbrick.

Currently Reading: Attention All Passengers: The Airlines' Dangerous Descent - And How To Reclaim Our Skies, William J McGee.

PS: Reading the Comics, May 12, 2016: No Pictures Again Edition, but that'll change someday.

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