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With the tournament done, and the convention closing up, what did we have to do but get over to MJS's pole barn and his party there. We'd brought some food, including a pretty fancy set of cookies, to contribute to the party's offerings. Unfortunately the chocolate on them partly melted in the day's sun. If we had gone to the Friday night party all would've been well; that had been a cool and overcast day. The Saturday was much warmer and hotter and we were able to salvage the cookies by putting them in the fridge for a while.

We certainly haven't been to MJS's pole barn enough to get jaded to it. But it did feel more comfortably familiar than it had before. We partook in the Ringer tournament as usual. This is using a mechanical horseshoe-throwing simulation game that used to be a coin-operated amusement toy. Last year I'd gotten surprisingly good at it, and put up 16 points on my entry. This would have beaten absolutely anyone there, except the person I was playing, who got the only higher score of the night. This year I scored a little bit worse, and by ``a little'' I mean ``as much worse as it is possible to do than''. I got zero points. My opponent just barely managed to avoid losing to this, getting a ringer (three points) on the next-to-the-last toss. So much for me on Ringer. bunny_hugger got, if I remember right, into the second round but not past that. I forget whoever won the strangely coveted Ringer trophy.

Also while there we saw snippets, with the sound off, of some modern live-action version of Cinderella. We have no idea when this is from or who made it, but it had some pretty fun computer-animated bits where Cinderella's coach is changing back into a pumpkin and the horses are becoming more mouse-like and the coachman a lizard and all that. I suppose I could find what exactly it was by looking it up, but it seems easier to ponder this all.

We spent several hours there, of course, being with friends and reassuring ourselves on MJS's Meteor that we can too play the game regardless of what the tournament experience indicated. And I came heartbreakingly close to beating the house high score on one of MJS's electromechanical games. If I'd had one more good ball --- oh, but after four great balls who could ask for more? It still felt good.

We didn't quite stay until the party was over, as grand as that would be. But we did stay long enough to see everyone and point out to some of our friends how crazy the detail of the art is on The Machine: Bride of Pinbot (seriously, there's a space band with an astronaut in suit playing tuba on the thigh of the Bride Of Pinbot), and enlightened them to the crazypants backstory of the Popeye Saves The Earth pinball game.

That good deed done, we made the long drive back home and to our normal lives again.

Trivia: Instructions for the five-day medical screening at Brooks Air Force Base for the 1962 astronaut candidates specify to not smoke only for the first and fourth days (and the third to not smoke after midnight). Source: Moon Bound: Choosing and Preparing NASA's Lunar Astronauts, Colin Burgess.

Currently Reading: Old Lansing Town, Editor Hazel Proctor. Not as informative as promised about the Waverly Park mystery.

PS: Why Stuff Can Orbit, Part 2: Why Stuff Can't Orbit and how far can I get not doing calculus on a problem that demands calculus to be done?

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