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One of Morphicon's traditions was the cake-decorating contest. bunny_hugger won the first one she ever attended, and she placed in the top three several more times before losing that magic touch which appealed to judges. That would be sculpting crazy three-dimensional figures out of frosting and chopped-up cake and plastic spoons. But Anthrohio promised to continue the tradition and we went to the con suite at the scheduled hour Friday to participate. After we missed out last year --- either the con booklet or the pocket guide, whichever we were depending on, had the start hour off --- we weren't going to dare miss this time around.

Nobody at con suite had any idea what we were on about.

They hadn't heard anything about it, didn't know anything about it, and while one or two other people came in looking for the event too, there weren't any cakes or anyone organizing things. We went to main registration to find out what was going on and they sent someone back with us to confirm that, yeah, there's not any cakes or cake-decorating going on there. After further debate they concluded that the cake decorating contest was Saturday evening, not Friday. I let them off with that, as long as they were sure, and were going to post a note to that effect on the schedule errata.

When we were convinced of the nonexistence of cakes there we felt comfortable going out to eat, thus, the burrito place.

One of the few events I hoped to get to in the evening was the Mystery Science Theater 3000 event. This wouldn't be watching an episode. Alkalai and a couple other of the regular performers would be watching one of two possible movies and doing a drinking game. Of course. But people could propose any drinking rules they wanted, and for a sufficient donation to the con charity the rules would be accepted, with the challenge being: would any of the panel not have poisoned themselves by the end of the movie? The MST3K part would be that everyone in the audience would be shouting out jokes at the movie anyway.

That was the plan. What actually happened was they didn't have the projector set up. But, you know, that's just a little glitch and someone had to find something to set the thing up. Also to get it to talk with the laptop. And someone had to find someone who could do something about the sound not working. And so on. Alkali was summoned to, of course, fill in the long delay in setup by telling old con-horror and performance-horror stories, which is about the best thing to do in the circumstance. But, finally, after nearly an hour of puttering around they were ready to start showing Dungeons and Dragons: The Movie That Oh Yeah They Made, Didn't They?.

The laptop couldn't play the disc they had. Of course. Nor would the other movie they had play; I think the other one was a Blu-Ray and the laptop not able to handle that. Doesn't matter. Someone grabbed somebody who had a Netflix account and set the laptop up for that, which produced the discovery that the hotel's wireless Internet was nowhere near fast enough to watch Dungeons and Dragons Or Something at high resolution. The MST3K event would be a bust.

But there was something to do later on. They were having karaoke, in the Jon Snow Boardroom. It's not an ideal performing venue, since it's a long skinny room with a huge conference table in it. But it's space available and we got there in time to ... see they weren't set up yet. I think it was an independent set of computer and projector issues from what spoiled the MST3K event. But it was also a cascade of people coming in and agreeing that this was wrong, and that they'd go back and get things fixed soon. There were a lot of people staring at connectors and fiddling with settings. After the several disappointments of the night bunny_hugger and I were torn about whether to stick this out or to give in and go to bed. But there kept being just enough signs of making progress, and there was enough fun talking with the other people gathered about furry events in general, that we did stick it out.

But after about midnight, when the karaoke night was supposed to end, they finally got it started. bunny_hugger put in a performance of Gerry Rafferty's ``Baker Street'', almost as if just to prove we had done it. And then we called enough and went to bed. This was early for us, yes, but we had got up terrifically early and had done so much, after all. Given the day had been full of little shows of sloppiness, not all of them my own doing, that was fine.

Trivia: By 1860 there were 91 precious-metals firms working in Rhode Island, employing 2,043 workers and with a capitalization of about $1.5 million. Source: Rhode Island: A History, William G McLoughlin.

Currently Reading: Coming Out Under Fire: The History of Gay Men and Women in World War II, Allan Bérubé.

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