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Let me update our pet rabbit's health for you all. It'll let me start the next day of Anthrohio on a Monday more-or-less, and things were pretty serious last time I reported.

So last week we had been most worried. Our pet rabbit had taken a couple days at bunny_hugger's parents extremely badly, and he was barely moving. The screening for bone cancer had come back clear, but, he had been wobbly and stressed and looking very rough.

He's changed a lot since then, and for the better on all counts. Most importantly, he's gotten much more mobile. There are a couple things possibly causing this. Being home, for one. We've increased the amount of painkiller he's been getting, but split it into two portions over the day, which might keep it from upsetting his stomach. He's also halfway through a loading dose of some joint medication that, if it works like it does in other animals, should be restoring the cartilage in his arthritic knees. It may be coincidence, or it may be the result of some or all of this, but he is moving much better. He's worked out how to stand up again --- he needs to crunch backwards, is the key thing --- and he's at least as mobile as he had been before the awful weekend.

Also the ringworm infection that had got at his side and seemed to be breaking out everywhere for a while is roughly under control. The vet took a sample and judged that it's almost licked. We probably will need another two or three baths with the medical shampoo, but not more after that. He'll be glad for that.

We did get a roughly six-by-six foot block of sherpa fleece to lay underneath his area. This gives him a little more traction for him to try moving around. It also means that if he does pee outside his litter box, which we've caught him doing, the fleece is going to wick it away without soaking it into the carpet and floor or, worse, into his fur and skin. As he needs more time to move around that's getting to be an important consideration. We have had to rinse him off to clean his fur and skin and while we hope that's a temporary abberation caused by this terrible stretch, it's possible he's just going to have to get used to being wetted down. He's not happy about that.

He has lost weight, which worried us considering he didn't have much going into this. But as the vet tech pointed out, fighting off sickness takes a lot of calories. And he has recovered quite dramatically, quite quickly. He's not looking youthful again. But we aren't worrying anymore that he might be in his last month.

We're skeptical that this matters, but we have got a bottle of ``joint supplement'' tablets that contain various nutrients allegedly good for ageing animals. It's no less anecdotal than the cold laser treatment we bring him to the vet's for. But after about two days of suspicion he started to look at the tablets as a great extra treat, and he'll rip it out of our hands. So he's got that to look forward to. And we get to look forward to having him rip that out of our hands. It's worth it for that.

Trivia: King Henry III of France reportedly was once treated to a banquet in Venice in which all 1,286 items, including the tablecloth, was made of spun sugar. Source: Sweets: A History of Temptation, Tim Richardson. Without disputing the awe-inspiring vision of what was meant to be more awesome than practical, a tablecloth of spun sugar seems like it would fail in its design purpose of being a tablecloth.

Currently Reading: Coming Out Under Fire: The History of Gay Men and Women in World War II, Allan Bérubé.

PS: How May 2016 Treated My Mathematics Blog, the usual report in a slightly more orderly format this time.

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