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Flash a little ankle and the guys will lose their self-control

So you know who were the Guests of Honor at Anthrohio this year? No, and I don't either. I think it's something furries inherited from science fiction fandom and never seriously questioned. Science fiction conventions would have Guests of Honor and those made sense in principle: writers or actors or producers or some other talented people who created the stuff everyone appreciates and who don't get much change to mingle with the commoners. But furry is a fandom about everybody appreciating everybody else. What's to be specially honored about someone who's going to be at the con anyway? I don't believe I could name any guest of honor from any furry convention I've been to and that's even after looking them up, or even knowing some of them.

We know one of the guests of honor announced for next year.

This isn't someone we're happy to see. It's someone we wouldn't mind not seeing. Someone we haven't had to deal with in two and a half years, apart from how Twitter won't stop shoving mentions of this person in our face however much I block and mute the person's name.

Future Guest Of Honor had been one of the people on a small private muck who seethed indifference or disdain for bunny_hugger and I for years. bunny_hugger and I were finally kicked off the muck for standing up for our right not to be harassed. But in the final fight, Future Guest Of Honor demanded that my wife make up with a person who'd spent three years harassing her, on the grounds that the bully was willing to give a passive-voice faux-pology and a worthless promise to behave. And Future Guest Of Honor smugly told us that since that wasn't good enough obviously we were the ones with the behavior problem. That tripped Future Guest Of Honor merely from ``person I don't care about'' to ``person I would be glad never to have to deal with again''.

Well, conventions are busy things. We could easily not see Future Guest Of Honor without even trying. Although if Future Guest Of Honor were to bring the contact through which we'd met, a Big Name Furry Artist, then that would be more difficult. Future Guest Of Honor has been one of Big Name Furry Artist's closest satellites. bunny_hugger and I don't even know what Future Guest Of Honor looks like. Big Name Furry Artist, though, we know. This would be very hard to just ignore.

But we have no reason to think Big Name Furry Artist would come along. Reason to not, in fact. Big Name Furry Artist would not be a Guest of Honor this time around or anything special, and would have to fly two-thirds of the way cross-country for a small convention. That's a lot of bother. And the leakage over social media from people who're still in contact with us and them hasn't given us any reason to think Big Name Furry Artist is going.

And it's possible that in the next twelve months Big Name Furry Artist will apologize for treating us so shabbily. But I confess I don't expect it. Big Name Furry Artist occasionally feels pangs of guilt about demanding special privilege and exceptional treatment, but never such severe pangs as to apologize, or to stop expecting them in future. In the furry hierarchy, being able to draw well means you can dump everyone who won't tell you your every decision is the most supremely wise and just and necessarily correct thing ever. The only thing those left will admit you might ever have done slightly wrong-ish is not make the decision even sooner. And the Big Name Furry Artist is, indeed, one of the best at drawing. And with us kicked out Big Name Furry Artist is surrounded by people who will only offer reassurance that really, how could Big Name Furry Artist ever have made the wrong decision?

As though any decision which kicked bunny_hugger and I out of your life could ever be the right one.

Well, the prospect of a fresh encounter with Big Name Furry Artist left us dreading the next year's convention. But it probably won't come to that, or to anything. There's been some talk already of a clash between Anthrohio 2017's new date and Biggest Little Furry Con's, for example, and one or the other might move, possibly screwing up travel plans. Most anything might happen, fifty weeks from now. Big Name Furry Artist might notice that I'm a great person, and my wife is even better. Or might be well-served by friends pointing those facts out. I've reached out several times, and gotten berated for it every time. While I see no point to going back to that private-muck virtual middle school, there are people there I would welcome back to my life.

Anyway. After closing ceremonies we, as members of the winning guild (remember that?) were entitled to a bag of candy, chocolate coins and the like. I suspect other guilds' members were too. Still, free candy. And we could put some time in wandering around catching up with whoever we might, as the convention quietly dissolved into a film of people saying how short it all seemed. We had one of our best hallway chats of the weekend then, in a major intersection, holding forth on amusement parks and carousels, always reliable topics.

That also started breaking up, and we were ready for dinner. Con Suite had long since been disassembled. We had a special place to go, though. Skyline Chili, a Cincinnati-area fast food place, has reached as far north as Columbus, just north of Worthington. We were able to get there tolerably before the close of the dining room and have vegetarian three-way Cincinnati chili. Cincinnati chili is famous for not being the same as regular old chili and that's fair enough. It's got different spices on it. It's served on spaghetti. You might think that's weird. I don't, not now I've had it. I thought in passing about getting a bottle of their hot sauce or something. As we passed out of the restaurant, we didn't think to actually buy one.

We got back to the hotel. After some further time wandering the halls and looking in con space, trying to grab together the embers of an expired convention, we went to our room-home. There we'd rest, recuperating from the whole weekend, and figuring out when check-out time was so we'd know what the latest we could sleep would be.

Trivia: Construction of the Eiffel Tower cost about seven and a half million francs. Source: Remaking the World: Adventures in Engineering, Henry Petroski.

Currently Reading: Rising Tide: The Great Mississippi Flood of 1927 and How it Changed America, John M Barry.

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