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Monday came, as it will. It was cool and drizzly, further breaking the Morphicon/Anthrohio tradition of good weekends. We had the last of our Morningstar simulated Egg McMuffins and loaded the car. My tire was low on air. My car has a lot of nice features, but one always-annoying one is sudden drops in temperatures make one of the tires lose pressure. When the pressure warning stayed on --- suggesting it wasn't low one or two psi but something serious --- I stopped at the first convenient gas station. The air pumps weren't working. The next convenient gas station was inconveniently far away, but I got that dealt with.

This gave us two interruptions before we got to our first planned stop, which was of course Coon's Candy. We always get a stock of stuff from there, now that we go up on Monday afternoons instead of Sunday nights. And we got some toffee, I think it was, to bring to bunny_hugger's parents as thank-you for taking care of our pet rabbit. For maybe the fourth year in a row I pondered buying a Coon's Candy (artificial, of course) coonskin cap. I'm really not perfectly sure how I feel about wearing a fake cap like that. I didn't get one; I just don't have the hat gene, I think.

And her parents were in good shape, of course. They'd been setting up a little baby gate across the kitchen door, so our pet rabbit could spend the day unsupervised in their kitchen. They've got a sliding glass door, and he can peer out from that to the lawn. He's always liked looking out windows; one of the saddest parts of his arthritis is he can't get up to where he could look out our windows anymore.

We had dinner with her parents, and realized we should've brought Mice and Mystics to try cracking the next round. But maybe we wouldn't have been up to that. It's a lot of playing to do, and we'd come off a lot of doing stuff and driving over the weekend. We got home sometime after midnight, not quite too late for me to remember to set out the garbage. But forgetting would've felt all right. What's important is we got home.

Trivia: In 1919 A&P kept a roughly one-month supply of groceries in stores and warehouses. By 1925 inventory had grown to a seven-week supply. Source: The Great A&P and the Struggle for Small Business in America, Marc Levinson.

Currently Reading: The Secret Histories: Hidden Truths That Challenged The Past And Changed The World, Editor Jon S Friedman.

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