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Well, I knew I was in trouble now; my hopes of winning sank

Before starting the next adventure, a bit of signal-boosting: moxie_man's mother has died, and as is the American custom, had medical bills which need help. If you're able.

Possibly you have heard of the Ann Arbor Pinball Museum. It's also called the Vintage Flipper World ... thing, because the place is a former VFW hall and to some extent it's easier to go with the signs that are already there. It's not in Ann Arbor, but instead the nearby town of Brighton. It's primarily the private collection of one guy who has his fortune in pinball maintenance and trade. With the help of a Kickstarter a few years back he turned the collection into a rather nice facility, one with lovely fixtures and good lighting and even bidets in the toilets (apparently he got sent a double order when he refurbished his house and put the surplus to use), although one that due to zoning regulations can only be opened to the public four weekends a year. So far he's averaged once a year.

It's otherwise operated as a private club, and yes, bunny_hugger and I have poked around a little to learn what's involved in being a club member. Dues, yes, but also labor which we're not at all confident we're up to. The labor involves cleaning and repair of machines, which given there's two hundred or so, means there's always stuff to do. We're still at the most basic level of learning to maintain our one machine, and that's a relatively simple solid-state game where everything is fixed by either screwing it a little tighter or screwing it a little looser. Or replacing a bulb. So we figure we're not club-member-worthy, not nearly yet.

But the 2016 weekend was rolling around and we were presented with tempting options. Like, the guy was going to allow a limited number of campers on the grounds, who'd also be allowed to play the games in the annex overnight. Yes, there's an annex with even more machines, mostly older and foreign-made ones. We thought a lot about this, but were stumped by some basic questions like would they have showers? Actual bathrooms or merely port-a-potties? And would we want to stay overnight Friday or overnight Saturday? After a lot of dithering we concluded we didn't want to leave our pet rabbit unattended overnight or inflict yet another weekend at bunny_hugger's parents on him. Probably as well, since the actual night we'd have picked turned out to be nasty. We'd go for one day and dither a lot about whether it should be Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.

Trivia: The United States did not fill its allotted space at the 1851 Great Exhibition in London. Source: The Company: A Short History of a Revolutionary Idea, John Micklethwait, Adrian Wooldridge.

Currently Reading: The Secret Histories: Hidden Truths That Challenged The Past And Changed The World, Editor Jon S Friedman.

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