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Let's start the new year right, 12:00 tonight

A couple months back was my sister's wedding anniversary. She e-mailed me to ask if we'd like to do something. I haven't seen her or her husband since last summer. And I hadn't seen their newborn son. None of her siblings had. And we're kind of far from each other to easily visit. But ... there is an amusement park that's not impossibly far from either of us. That's the great Holiday World, in Santa Claus, Indiana. I had the idea it was closer to them than to us, but still, roughly midway between locations. We could meet up there and celebrate their anniversary at one of the greatest amusement parks there is. And one that last year put in a new well-regarded roller coaster that none of us had got to yet.

The thing is ... that didn't quite work. It was still the school year. It would be about eight hours driving, for us, each way. We'd need to eat up the whole weekend doing that and we just couldn't spare the time, not in the final run-up of students needing everything explained to them over and over again. Also in the rush of getting the last assignments graded and exams written and all that. The idea was great but the timing just wouldn't work, to our regret.

My sister didn't give up, though. I don't know what they did for their anniversary. But she suggested that we could meet up on a weekend that wasn't this. Sometime after school let out. And that was a lot more appealing. We looked at school schedules and convention schedules and pinball events and figured the weekend before Memorial Day was the best chance we'd have to visit Holiday World. And since we'd be kind of near Louisville, we could visit another amusement park we've wanted to get to but never had the chance. That would be Kentucky Kingdom, a park which grew out of the former State Fair grounds, became a Six Flags chain park, was closed for a few years, and then was re-bought by the original park owner and reopened. With a weird history like that, not to mention the question of how a park like this could make sense, we wouldn't want to miss it.

So our first amusement park expedition of the year was on. We drive to Louisville on a Friday, spend the day at Kentucky Kingdom, drive to Santa Claus, meet my sister and her family and spend the day at Holiday World, and then come home Monday. The plan lasted right up to the point we looked for hotel rooms.

Trivia: In 1939, after the New York Yankees won their fourth straight World Series title, the American League adopted a rule that teams were prohibited from making trades or selling players to the previous season's penant winner unless the player cleared waivers. The rule was dropped in December 1940, after Detroit won the penant. Source: A Game Of Inches: The Story Behind The Innovations That Shaped Baseball, Peter Morris.

Currently Reading: He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe: Minicomic Collection, from whoever. The book includes footnotes pointing out first appearances of things and cases where the mini-comics differ from the toys or the cartoon, mostly because the mini-comics writers were working from prototypes or because the cartoon changed things. It also points out inconsistencies between the comics, making them amusingly gently snarky things. I like.

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