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When they dim the light, let's begin

bunny_hugger would berate herself for not starting to book a hotel earlier. She could find hotels that were wonderfully near Kentucky Kingdom. Some even in walking distance. They were booked. All booked. So were hotels close to Kentucky Kingdom. So was everything she could find in Louisville. And everything she could find in the suburbs of Louisville. She had to keep searching ever-more-ridiculous distances from Louisville to find anything that might be open. And that would get booked while she figured out whether it made sense to get a hotel that's halfway between Kentucky Kingdom and Holiday World. It was beyond bizarre, like if it turned out we were going to Louisville the week the Anthrocon Touring Show was in. We weren't far off.

What could we do? We booked the hotel near Santa Claus, Indiana, that we'd used for Holiday World in our previous visit. We did ask my sister where she expected to stay, in case she had a better hotel. My sister said they weren't expecting to stay. They planned to do a day trip from Saint Louis to Santa Claus. It turns out the place is much closer to them than it is to us. The day trip sounded a trifle mad to us, what with taking a five-month-old along. But it wouldn't be very much more driving than our taking a day trip to Cedar Point, or maybe to Columbus, would be. A tiring day, but not an impossible one.

So we set things up. We had the usual scramble of packing and preparing the house and all the attendant anxieties before going, including the panicked buying of Yes albums and downloading podcasts we never heard of before lest we run out of stuff to listen to on the road. We dropped our pet rabbit off at bunny_hugger's parents on the way down. Their house was not too far out of the natural line of travel, at least. We did have a frustration in which the satellite navigator wanted us to leave from their house across a bridge that was closed for construction, and I couldn't figure how to get it not to keep guiding us back that way. Still, the detour did cause us to discover a billboard for ``Classic Denny's'', a concept we'll need time to fully react to.

The maddening thing about having to book near Holiday World for our hotel is that the natural drive from Lansing to it takes us right past Louisville. We got to less than five miles from the amusement park when the highways turned from southbound to westbound and we'd have an hour-plus yet to go. And we would face an hour's drive on Saturday before we could get to the park. And that, crossing from Central to Eastern Time, so we would have to get up an extra hour early to get to the park. If it was possible to get to the park at all. We learned why this might be impossible to do.

Trivia: A land mine dropped by German bombers the 17th of April, 1941, got trapped in the Reuters headquarters' cabling, keeping incoming messages from being received. To keep Germany from knowing they had come close to knocking out the agency, it rehashed old stories from The Times of London as fresh news. Source: The Power of News: The History of Reuters, Donald Read.

Currently Reading: He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe: Minicomic Collection, by a team of universe-mastering masters. Some of the intended-but-discarded concepts are pretty neat, like, Evil-Lyn and others of Skeletor's horde being from the same spaceship that brought Martha Glenn, Adam/He-Man's mother, to Eternia, and mutated into evil by the strange energies of the planet. It's a bit small-universe of them but we are talking about the He-Man canon here.

PS: Reading the Comics, June 25, 2016: What The Heck, Why Not Edition since what's wrong with three comics posts in five days?

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