austin_dern (austin_dern) wrote,

Happiness is morning and evening, daytime and nighttime too

To my dear bunny_hugger, happy anniversary. And it is, and will be today, and I hope ever will be. Thank you for marrying me; thank you for being married to me; thank you, each day, for giving to me a day with you.

You do so much to make my life better, and give me a person whose life I strive to make better. It is really a quite fine arrangement.

I'm looking forward to our day ahead, and to our year ahead, and so many more to come.

I love you so.

Trivia: Voyager 2's ``family portrait'', the February 1990 photograph of all the solar system's planets, required three months to transmit the 640,000 pixels of image. (Transmission was not continuous; it had to be done as Deep Space Network tracking schedules allowed.) Source: Voyager: Seeking Newer Worlds In The Third Great Age of Discovery, Stephen J Pyne.

Currently Reading: He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe: Minicomic Collection, by the gang and an always-interesting set of interstitial interviews.


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