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Still I've got plenty to be thankful for

Amazing thing about Holiday World: I had been there one and a half days, two years ago. Yet it already felt like home. On this third ever visit I felt like I knew where all the essential things were, and how to get there. Even able to talk about stuff like how the new roller coaster changed the landscape.

My sister and her husband wanted to ride the new roller coaster, of course. They also wanted to walk through the water park area, which we knew because we took that half-day two years ago to ride stuff. They didn't figure on riding anything. They just wanted to know the layout of the place and what the water coasters were like. (They're rather frightening, given their speed and that you're held in place just by grabbing stuff.)

He would continue not to be up for riding stuff. But this did mean we had a designated babysitter while my sister and bunny_hugger and I took in rides. And much as the short lines for Thunderbird would suggest, it wasn't a packed day. There was a comfortable enough crowd, it just didn't turn into monstrous lines for the Raven or the Legend or Voyage, the great wooden roller coasters. He swore he didn't mind and looked honestly like just being around in a pleasant spot with his child was good enough for now. The riding side of our party went also to the log flume, which was surprisingly unbusy for the sunny, warm day. It's an odd log flume in that for the most part it stays at ground level, wending around the forest floor, with a rise just at the end to give something to flume. And not make us too wet, which was what we'd like.

Curiously, for it being such a nice and not-too-busy day at the park, we all settled in to watch a show. We'd needed to rest a little, sure, and we happened to be near one just as it was starting, which helped. This was the Dive! exhibition, a show of high-diving and stunt diving. Good amusement park stuff. It even had one of my favorite kinds of things, an introduction showing off ways that swimming costumes and diving techniques changed. I mean, it's obvious they do change, but who ever hears about that? Swimsuits you at least see because you look at old pictures and giggle as someone in 1908 goes to the beach wearing more fabric than people use for their wedding outfits, but diving techniques? Nah.

And it was a good show through that, with the use of a confederate in the crowd to heckle and be brought on stage and add a narrative to the show. And some stunts, including quite high diving from terribly far up the tiny tower. And diving into the water while in a flame suit, which is the sort of awesome and ridiculous thing we have amusement parks for.

By then, though, my sister was talking about how they were going to need to head out soon. They had a four-hour drive home, and her husband was holding up all right but still it's rough to be on the road while sick. They wanted to check on a few things, all over in the Fourth of July section. They wanted something or other from maybe the Alamo Restaurant which had been very well-reviewed by the Holiday World official podcast. That was fine as we'd wanted blue ice cream from the same area. We also got a ride on the Star Spangled Carousel, and as my sister requested checked out the Rough Riders bumper cars. That was a crowded ride. She didn't ride it and I'm not sure if she had intended to, or if she just wanted to see the buffalo and Rough Rider-themed cars.

A spot of time in the gift shop --- where I spoiled bunny_hugger's recollection that the weather was always great at Holiday World by pointing out it's where we took shelter during the squall my first visit --- and then we took care of the one thing my father really wanted. That was a picture of the five of us somewhere, anywhere, in the park. We did it at the Santa Claus statue up near the front. We got a passer-by who was happy to take a picture of all of us from so far away that the picture is about ten percent us and ninety percent trees in the distance. It's the spirit that counts.

My sister thrust my nephew into my hands so I could truthfully claim to have held him. I did not drop him or inspire any noteworthy crying from him, so, that responsibility was discharged successfully. A couple hugs and warnings to my brother-in-law that he should get better and then off they went, heading back home.

Trivia: The 1845 New York Knickerbockers Ball Club rules, the first codification of the rules for modern baseball, refer to scores as ``counts, or aces'', even though the name ``runs'' had been in use, including on preprinted score sheets that year. But the rules do not define a count or ace, suggesting the terms were still familiar. Source: Baseball Before We Knew It: A Search For The Roots Of The Game, David Block.

Currently Reading: Astounding Days: A Science Fictional Autobiography, Arthur C Clarke.

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