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So that's been a bunch of heavy rabbit medical stuff the past week. Let me close it out with some light yet unsettling rabbit medical stuff.

Our rabbit's always had a bit of a grooming problem. It's a chronic problem for large rabbits; there's just too much bunny to be self-groomed, and we don't have a companion rabbit to cover the spots he can't reach. The front of his body was always in good shape, and he got a little shaggier towards his back. At times he'd look a little shaggy in back, as if he were wearing a skirt. As he's aged and gotten less mobile he's gotten less well-groomed, more shaggy, less generally kempt. Even our weekly visits to the vet's, with chances to brush his fur out, couldn't quite keep up.

So he had some pretty major matts in his fur. And then while tugging one out, bunny_hugger discovered something really, really creepy. As she pulled it out there was another layer of densely packed fur underneath. It looked as if we were peeling off his fur and finding another rabbit hidden underneath. It's the stuff of David Cronenberg movies and the scary areas of DeviantArt. And yikes but how does this happen?

Well, it amounts to his fur wasn't getting tugged enough to fall out, and fur growing in after that didn't have room to go. So it got clogged up behind chunks of old fur that should've fallen out but couldn't. Since then we've gotten better at finding and tugging on these matts. Some of them come out with gentle separation of stuck-together fur and brushing not heavy enough to annoy him. Some of them come out when he's being washed, as water clears away the stickiness.

But still underneath this are these sheets of dark, dense-packed fur, matted down tight and waiting to emerge. It's as though he were trying to regenerate into a younger bunny. Ah, if only.

Trivia: The last League of Nations mandate set up in the Paris Peace Conference to expire was that establishing Japan, later the United States's, control over Pulau. Pulau gained independence in 1994. Source: Paris 1919: Six Months That Changed The World, Margaret MacMillan.

Currently Reading: The World Within War: America's Combat Experience in World War II, Gerald F Linderman.

PS: Anatomizing An Error, reblogging the Carnot Cycle essay about a great chemist's missteps in the study of osmosis.

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