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I wonder if that black crow sleeps as day beckons the night

At the end of the 2014 season Cedar Point amusement park surprised everyone by demolishing the Good Time Theatre, which had once been an Imax theater, back when Imax was only good for amusement park and science center attractions showing bears and space shuttles. They went on to surprise people by taking out one of the antique-car rides, and moving the Calypso flat ride, and all that. This was to build a new roller caster, ValRavn, in the area. We had predicted correctly that the building of the new roller coaster would see the Marina Gate, one of the four (count 'em!) entrances to the park renovated and we studiously photographed it when we were there last Halloweekends.

This year ValRavn opened. Between other park trips, helping our pet rabbit recover, and the garden party we didn't have time to visit in May or early June, the best times to avoid a long line. Finally we had a free day, though, and I took off from work without their actually knowing because I telecommute and they have no idea when I'm really doing stuff anyway. Don't tell.

We'd picked a pretty good Friday for it, bright and sunny without being impossibly hot, and with the park a bit busy but not impossibly crowded. Better than we could hope for from July and August, anyway, and far better than Halloweekends would suggest. The one important exception: ValRavn. The ride was maybe six weeks old, and parkgoers were still crowding to it. We decided that if the ride had a queue of under an hour we'd consider it. The second time we checked the queue looked to be about an hour by the sign and I thought it was probably the best offer we would get all day. The day was generally nice ,and evening would probably bring people leaving work and taking in a half-day when they could.

It was in line that we noticed the ride wasn't actually going.

It happens sometimes, even with rides that've been around forever. Something gets a ride stopped, or they have to transfer a train onto or off of a track, or just something goes wrong. I don't know what happened here; ride operators don't tend to share much detail and besides we were at the end of an hour-long line of people. Though it didn't stay that long. People possibly wiser than us gave up and left the line, and we drew closer to the station without actually getting there. If the ride were to ever open, we might be able to enjoy it.

And it did, eventually. The queue was down to maybe a half-hour by the time they transferred a new train onto it and the ride started going again, to applause. We did have the time to appreciate the beauty of the station, which is done in a Faux Scandinavian Lodge style, all mock stone and wood and covered with runes. And to appreciate that they had some smart phone app to join rival teams and somehow do something with something in the park to somehow win a something at some time.

Ah, but how's the ride?

Trivia: In 1938 Romania exported about 74 percent of its petroleum products by the Black Sea and the Mediterranean. About 21 percent went by the Danube. Five percent went by railroad. Source: A Low Dishonest Decade: The Great Powers, Eastern Europe, and the Economic Origins of World War II, 1930 - 1941, Paul N Hehn.

Currently Reading: The World Within War: America's Combat Experience in World War II, Gerald F Linderman.

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