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Cause this is the Renaissance, Came upon us all at once

That was my mathematics blog this past week. After I mention the RSS feed, I'll share the last round of pictures from AnthrOhio's Sunday closing:


The convention dissolves into a mass of people wearing tails and carrying Faygo. Faygo isn't the official con drink, the way it is at Motor City Fur[ry] Con, but it's there, if you're watching. It's there.


bunny_hugger striding past one of the trees used to let fursuits air out. This was in the room adjacent to closing ceremonies and I'm not sure why; there wasn't the mechanism to force air through the pipes and into hung suits. Maybe it had been taken out for people who needed a few moment's rest.


Don't judge me.


This says it all. AnthrOhio really shuts down Sunday nights, with only a massive Nerf battle going on at the hotel. It's almost spooky how fast it can evaporate.


Is the scene three hours after the end of the convention, or three hours after the furry rapture? You make the call.

Trivia: Before Muhammad, the desert Arabs used a lunisolar calendar, the keeping of which was the responsibility of the Kinana tribe. Source: Mapping Time: The Calendar and its History, EG Richards.

Currently Reading: The Sea Fairies, L Frank Baum.

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