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As mentioned, we missed that huge flame war because it was our anniversary. We began the day with tender declarations of our love to each other and exchanging of a few little gifts. bunny_hugger gave me a new wallet, replacing one I'd had from time immemorial, and despite my fears about getting used to something new like that I got used to it in about two days. But it has got pockets in different places and I'm not perfectly satisfied that I have everything where it ought to be. We'll see.

Then, as is our custom, we went to find a roller coaster to ride.

Indiana Beach is an amusement park located exactly where you would think, if you think ``Indiana''. It's not on the Lake Michigan coast. It's on Lake Shafer, a reservoir created by the damming of the Tippecanoe River. Its slogan of ``There's More Than Corn In Indiana!'' may lead you to suspect that it's not near a major metropolitan area like Chicago, or Indianapolis, or Terra Haute, or Angola, or Elkhart. It's maybe an hour or so south-southeastern-ish of Chicago, which is as close as it gets to being quite near anything, although we would drive past Fort Wayne to get there. It surely doesn't draw people from Chicago; they have a Six Flags park that makes more sense to go to.

It's about four hours from us, marginally farther than Cedar Point. bunny_hugger had been to the park several times over and loved it too much to bring me there, until this year. The trouble is that in 2008 the park was sold to a local RV dealer that wasn't able to manage the boardwalk-style amusement park. Facilities decayed, stuff stopped working, the whole thing got more seedy and run-down than was healthy. bunny_hugger worried about going back and spoiling her good memories of the place, and worried about giving me a disastrous impression of the place. And yes, we know and understand and love Conneaut Lake Park, but that's a place that defies all logic. How could two places be like that?

Late last year the park was sold again, to Apex Parks Group, and for a wonder amusement park fans were happy to see the park lose its independent status. Things were, apparently, that bad during the RV dealer's management. The off-season saw rumors about money being put into the park, and, excitingly, all on boring stuff. That is, they weren't going in and shoving a major new thrill ride in. They were putting money into painting. Into replacing broken parts. Into repairing wood. Into all the boring little things that nobody goes to a park to see, but that drive people away from a park when they don't see it.

Early reviews of the park's new management were positive, and they got only better when Lost Coaster of Superstition Mountain --- and isn't that a fantastic name, in the original or in its abbreviated LoCoSuMo version? --- was reported up and running again. The coaster may have gone all 2015, and possibly earlier years, without running. If Lost Coaster was back the park could not be a disaster.

bunny_hugger was confident and so we made that our 4th anniversary event.

Trivia: The last event of the 1904 St Louis Olympic games was held the 26th of November, an Olympic College Football game in which Carlisle Indian Industrial School beat Haskell Institute (another Native American school) 34 to 4. Source: Encyclopedia of the Modern Olympic Movement, Editors John E Findling, Kimberly D Pelle.

Currently Reading: Fastpitch: The Untold History of Softball and the Women Who Made The Game, Erica Westly.

PS: Reading the Comics, August 5, 2016: Word Problems Edition, a small piece that catches me up to Saturday in this

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