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The evening made good on its threat and came. We started to look for the things we wanted to do again or to make sure we didn't miss. The Den of Lost Thieves was closed and would stay closed through the day, as best we could tell. The Shafer Queen, ``Indiana's largest regularly scheduled paddle wheel driven sightseeing vessel'' according to their web site (look under ``Family'') wasn't running and we knew not to keep checking back. It had been announced on the sign up front that the boat wouldn't be running that day.

I believe we got a ride on the Grand Carousel, the larger one that bunny_hugger didn't know or remember was there, although the more I think about it the less confident I am. You know how memory works. We did get a few lovely strolls along the boardwalk out of checking it, at least. And we certainly took a ride on the Scrambler, which like the swings is built out over the river. But it doesn't take you out past the fencing, so it hasn't got the same inherent thrill of the swings over the water. Scramblers are always good rides, though. My understanding from bunny_hugger is that they're pretty much money factories for carnivals; everyone will ride them and enjoy them. Indiana Beach's Scrambler had near it flower planters that were also clearly the front of old Scrambler cars. Since their Scrambler wasn't missing any cars it did bring up the question where they came from and how long it'd been since they were put there.

We'd stop in on Fascination again, putting in a few more dollars without winning anything too grand. And back to roller coasters. This is when we did several Lost Coaster of Superstition Mountain rides in a row, until we finally had both front- and back-facing rides down. Back is the more intense. It's a perpetually surprising ride to start with, and not seeing what's coming makes it rather frightening and a good chance to get knocked about, if that's what you're looking for.

On the other end of the park Steel Hawg was no less exciting or fun for doing it again. Maybe more fun since this time I knew to put my camera in the cubby-hole instead of my pocket, and I could sit in a less cramped way. They were having some slack times on the ride, fair enough considering the lateness of the hour and how far it is from the rest of the park. They let us just stay on and go for a reride, and offered again after that, but I'm not sure our legs would have held up to that. Plus we'd rather have finished the night on a wooden roller coaster, if we could.

We hadn't gone on Tig'rr Coaster again since the morning, and it didn't have any line. They warned us that we wouldn't be able to ride alone; we just didn't weigh enough. We'd need more people in the car. And I think this was the time when the car already on the track got stuck and had to wait for rescue from a maintenance guy giving the thing a push. bunny_hugger could take a hint, although I would take it imperfectly. After we went on to Cornball Express --- where the front seat was closed off for some reason, so we made do in the second car --- I wanted to give it another try.

In my defense, there were a couple people near the front of the queue. I figured they were waiting for someone else to ride with them, that the ride could go forward. They weren't, or at least they were of mixed opinions about riding. Between my enthusiasm, though, and the ride operators saying sure we could all go if we all went, they came up the gangplank to the ride. We also picked up a kid who certainly couldn't have ridden if we all hadn't been there. The Tig'rr Coaster has bobsled-style seating, or seats like you get in log flumes, so the five of us were able to squeeze in after all and we didn't come near getting stuck. bunny_hugger and I enjoyed ourselves. The other couple seemed content with it. The kid was happy.

We then rushed to the Hoosier Hurricane for what we expected would be our last ride of the night. And were a bit disappointed there were people in line ahead of us. We'd hoped for a front-seat ride. We got it anyway: they rushed for the backseat and we wondered if they knew something we didn't. Some roller coasters are markedly better front seat, some are better back seat, and often there's a difference in feel. We'd been near the front before. We took the front seat, though, and weren't disappointed. The park's beautiful from atop a roller coaster, and the moreso in the night with all the lights on. Or most of the lights on, with a few twinkling off already.

It was the last ride of the night, and the park got busy closing up as we left the ride.

Trivia: During site selection for the 1940 Olympics Japan and Italy brokered a deal in which Rome would withdraw its bid for the games in exchange for Tokyo's support for Rome in 1944. Source: Encyclopedia of the Modern Olympic Movement, Editors John E Findling, Kimberly D Pelle.

Currently Reading: The Stone of Heaven: Unearthing the Secret History of Imperial Green Jade, Adrian Levy, Cathy Scott-Clark.

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