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Now that I'm away I wish I'd stayed

Sunday we'd start with the question about where to bathe. The downstairs bathroom, next to bunny_hugger's parents' bedroom, had a regular old bath-and-shower. The upstairs bathroom with us and the empty rooms, had this nice clawfoot tub and a hand-held sprayer. It also was up against a sloped roof so that I couldn't stand and hold it over my head to shower. Which is fine, as it didn't have any shower curtains or anything so water would inevitably be sprayed over the bathroom and possibly a three-county area, and they have some large counties up there. I'd try using the tub anyway for a few days before giving in to the ease of showering downstairs. bunny_hugger, smaller than me, would have better tub experiences.

We had breakfast at home, as promised, eggs and cheese and cereal and toast and it sure felt like a lot of it, considering I'm not in the habit of eating breakfast. We'd gotten two boxes of Frosted Flakes, partly on bunny_hugger's father's confidence that with me and him eating together we'd surely use that up in a week. I'm not sure we wouldn't have used it up in a day if something hadn't distracted us. Also, I discovered how awful it is reading comics using the app on my iPad. I'd rather have read them on my computer, but the house we rented had no Internet --- its lone serious flaw --- and the Mifi device bunny_hugger has wasn't working. It never really does, somehow.

The web site for adding money/data to it never works through the device, for example, so you can only buy Internet if you already have Internet. And this particular time Virgin Mobile was, if you believe their tech support people, having a nasty glitch that affected service from Lansing up to Traverse City, and for that matter all of Michigan and much of the Old Northwest, that had been going on for three days by the time I called. They promised us that there was money, and service, on it, but that it would be Monday before the thing started to actually work. And truth be told, Monday it did start to work, and Thursday it ran out of data somehow, and there's no way to put money on it using it. And yes, on the phone I did ask if this was an outage literally affecting a wide swath of the Old Northwest. bunny_hugger is always amused when I get incredulous with helpless customer support people, and when I refer to the Old Northwest. So this was a bonus for her for putting up with this nonsense.

My iPad has cell service and has always been this pleasant little low-key, no-drama stuff that just basically works. Unfortunately it's too old a model to tether its data plan to anything else in the universe. But why can't a Mifi device just work? There is no answer to this question. It's almost enough to drive us to smart phones.

But the app is still awful; it's beyond its thinking to load your whole page of comics; it'll just load one at a time, and you have to forward to the next. And it doesn't hold your current comic on the screen while the next loads. The screen goes black instead. It's like somebody did the least possible thinking to how to make a comics-reading app. There was a good side, though. Since I had to page through every comic, I discovered that some comics which I'd assumed had gone on hiatus, like Endtown, had actually been updating. Just, apparently, later in the day than I'd been reading my comics so I'd been missing them. So, the vacation was already starting pretty well and we hadn't even left the house yet, except to put our pet rabbit on the back lawn and eat in the warm sun and stuff.

Trivia: Dionysius Exiguus ('Dennis the Little') seems to have dated by assuming Augustus's reign began the 17th of January, 727 AUC, when he took the title emperor. Augustus dated his reign from the victory over Anthony and Cleopatra at the battle of Actium, the 3rd September, 723 AUC. Source: Mapping Time: The Calendar and its History, EG Richards.

Currently Reading: Pogo: Evidence To The Contrary. The Complete Syndicated Comic Strips, Volume 3, Walt Kelly. Editors Carolyn Kelly, Eric Reynolds.

PS: Some End-Of-August Mathematics Reading for the interested.

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