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Trees swaying in the summer breeze

We set out first to Omena, which has a downtown of possibly literally a dozen buildings about a half-mile from our rented house. We'd been through it, of course, and even stopped in Saturday night for dinner at Knot Just A Bar. In years past it was the Harbor Bar, a bit of a dive that bunny_hugger's parents took her and her brother to because what were they going to do, just leave the kids at home? Besides in the distant past they had the occasional video game, or a juke box system with the left speaker in one room and the right in another, producing dramatic effects when old Beatles tunes, recorded with the audio on one channel and the music in another, were played.

No bar/restaurant visit this time --- bunny_hugger's father was surprised how much it had changed and how many names were on the walls for completing a beer tour or whatever their gimmick was --- but we did stop in the Tamarack Gallery. It's an art gallery. Both bunny_hugger and her mother have some pieces from it, from past visits. Glass candy canes would tempt them again and again this visit and they'd finally buy them a few days after. The gallery's items have changed a fair bit from when bunny_hugger and I visited two years ago, but there's still some common feel to the selections. And they still have the closet full of tributes to their (deceased) dog, the greatest in the world, according to its openly kitschy display.

There was a particularly fascinating piece, a little bureau with maybe two dozen drawers, inside each of which was a Question illustrated with some crafts project. It had the air of turning one's Intro Philosophy course into an art project, but then it was from someone who'd paid attention and noticed good, meaty questions like ``what are numbers?'' and ``how would you know whether you're self-aware?'' (I'm not sure about that last one, but it was questions in that vein.) bunny_hugger and I spent a good while looking through the drawers, in a deliberately non-systematic way, to get a feel for the thing. It made for a fine experience, though not a fine enough one for us to buy.

We didn't spend as long at the gallery as bunny_hugger and I did when we were there by ourselves. She and I are lingerers; we can spend any amount of time on any attraction, however slight, and be happy. Her parents are more likely to look at something and move on. Her father especially. There would be times during the vacation he'd threaten to lap us and make two visits around whatever it was before we were even done with our first. That didn't quite happen at the Gallery, but he was revisiting at least some rooms before we were finished.

We had more things to see in the afternoon.

Trivia: Thomas Edison kept 2,500 of the 3,000 shares of stock the Edison Electric Light Company issued on its incorporation in October 1878. The shares would have a nominal worth of $250,000. Source: Empires of Light: Edison, Tesla, Westinghouse, and the Race to Electrify the World, Jill Jones.

Currently Reading: Pogo: Evidence To The Contrary. The Complete Syndicated Comic Strips, Volume 3, Walt Kelly. Editors Carolyn Kelly, Eric Reynolds.

PS: How August 2016 Treated My Mathematics Blog, which was pretty good considering I barely did anything with it myself.

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