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Showing off their silver leaves as we walked by

And after the Tamarack Gallery in Omena we drove south to Suttons Bay. We ended up parking near the little public park with the stream through it where, on the last day of our 2014 visit, bunny_hugger and I saw a fish somehow there. The stream and park looked almost unchanged, though if there were still fish somehow getting into the stream they managed to avoid us. The only truly curious thing we saw was a single sneaker abandoned on a picnic table.

Suttons Bay has a healthy number of shops, including a science-toy-store that I found more interesting than did bunny_hugger's father. There's a really interesting shop with lawn ornaments and fountains and various other tchotchkes, but that shop closes early and they were already done for the day by the time we got into town. They're next to an ice cream shop, though, and we stopped there for some before walking back up that side of the street. The town has a movie theater, showing Dark Horse and The Man Who Knew Infinity. The latter, about Srinivasa Ramanujan, was interesting to me but never quite interesting enough to insist on seeing. Dark Horse is a based-on-true-events movie about early-20th-century members of the British underclass training a prizewinning horse, the way they do in movies so inspirational you aren't sure you need to see them. We didn't get around to that one either.

We did spend a healthy time on the beach, our first steps into water this trip. bunny_hugger found her rock-skipping moves have gotten much worse since she was a kid. I never had rock-skipping moves so they've at least remained constant. She'd keep trying at it, though, and eventually get at least a few rocks that skipped a few times. I got rocks to thump into the water.

But we resumed walking around town, into various gift shops and to stop at another ice cream parlor. bunny_hugger's father lived up to the already-forming joke by getting another cone; I just wanted something to drink myself. And we walked back around until we got to one gallery just as it was closing; it had a poster advertising the Late Night Films series the town was showing Friday nights. That week would've been Pump Up The Volume, which wasn't quite tempting enough. Later in the summer would be The Last Picture Show (not the end of the series) and Billy Jack, though.

We stopped at the Shady Lane Market, a party store, to get a picnic-style dinner because we were sure they had them and also the store's logo is a bounding hare. They didn't have the sort of deli counter we figured on, but they did have some filling enough premade sandwiches and chips and the like. We enjoyed dinner back home, while watching our pet rabbit continue his work eating an entire lawn.

bunny_hugger and I strolled around the rented house's former orchard gardens, a bunch of trees going feral, with fruit that was already inedible. (I suppose it also was far too early in the season though.) We started to walk down the hill, towards Omena's little downtown. But that got interrupted when we got to looking at some interesting stuff in the woods --- some beautiful fallen trees and the like --- and realized bunny_hugger had stepped in sandalled feet into poison ivy. So we went home, and she washed vigorously, and worried for the next three days she'd get a rash. She ultimately thought she got a mild case, not enough to destroy the trip. But we'd wear socks and shoes the next time we made the walk.

We gave the chapter in Mice and Mystics another try. Another two tries, I think, actually, since the first time we failed at right away. But this time we had music to accompany, as we had finally worked out the confusing instructions about how to plug an iPod into the house's stereo system. (There was an aux cable that the instructions said were left on top of the DVD player, but which had in fact fallen on the floor, so we were left looking for the connector on top of a player that had no input connections. The first day we had better stuff to do than figure this nonsense out.) The second time, we also didn't beat the chapter, but I again got more amusingly exasperated with how much my character got captured.

bunny_hugger caught her parents doing a postmortem on the game, working out how we might try the chapter better so as to succeed the next time. This pretty well buries any thoughts that they're only interested in playing for the chance to do more stuff with us.

Trivia: In the wake of the Great Fire of London, Robert Hooke, surveying the land to reestablish property boundaries, began working with bookseller and printer John Ogilby. They projected a ``New Model of the Universe, an English Atlas'', an ambitious project which ultimately collapsed apart from printing a Map of London in 1677. Source: Ingenious Pursuits: Building the Scientific Revolution, Lisa Jardine.

Currently Reading: Flash Gordon and Jungle Jim, Alex Raymond, Don Moore. Editor Dean Mullaney. Library of American Comics collection of the Sunday strips.

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