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I'd rather live on the side of a mountain

Another day, another old-time radio surprise, though a smaller one. I knew the cartoon Buckaroo Bugs, with ``From out of the west came Brooklyn's famous fighting cowboy, Red Hot Ryder'' was mocking the western serial adventure, obviously, but I didn't know they were mocking a specific one, America's famous fighting cowboy, Red Ryder. It began as a comic strip, turned into a local serial, went national, and then went back to being a West Coast thing. Thus also the Daisy Red Ryder Carbine Action Air Rifle from the altogether too often shown A Christmas Story wasn't branded to a generic character. (Though apparently that particular model didn't exist until it became a modern nostalgia toy.) I had no idea there was a real thing behind these references.

In ordinary radio a DJ mentioned it's Jay Leno's birthday, and said, ``The Tonight Show host has worked hard to keep his ratings lead over David Letterman, but he hasn't had heart bypass surgery.'' First it's odd to compare Leno and Letterman here, since Letterman isn't on in Singapore, except for the rare news clip. (Two Tonight Show episodes air weekends on CNBC.) Apparently Letterman's famous enough he can be talked about without ever being in Singaporeans' direct experiences. Second, the comment has the appearance of and was presented as a joke, without being one. Maybe it could be said funny, but it was just peculiar.

Trivia: The Bounty mutineers left Captain Bligh and eighteen others with 150 pounds of bread, some pork, 28 gallons of water, six quarts of rum, and six bottles of wine in the 23-foot-long, seven-foot-wide launch. Source: Mutiny: A History of Naval Insurrection, Leonard F Guttridge.

Currently Reading: Einstein's Clocks, Poincaré 's Maps, Peter Galison. A 1902 comment of Albert Einstein, about a bored friend in the patent office: ``Certain people find everything boring.'' I'm struck with the fear that he's right.


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