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Eating barbecued iguana

So besides rabbit and casino business we spent Friday, mostly, in town, in Omena. We returned to the Tamarack Gallery, where bunny_hugger's mother bought some glass candy canes, one for their own Christmas tree and one to thank the friend who fed their semiferal cats while on vacation. (Her mother noticed them as kittens, and got them spayed and returned them, and she feeds them and, she's sure, the area raccoons.) It was also another chance to look through that cabinet of curiosities. Also, since they turned out to have Wi-fi, I could download a couple Flophouse and I Don't Even Own A Television podcasts for the drive home.

We also stopped in the Omena General Store, which is an extremely general sort of place. Stewart's root beer? Laundry soap? Lunchables? VHS copies of All Dogs Go To Heaven or My Cousin Vinny? They got them. Also a bunch of paperback books which we learned were free, on the take-a-book/leave-a-book policy, something for people who found themselves up north without anything to read. Though it wasn't said, we supposed this might extend to the videotape collection, which would explain why a small general store in the Leelenau peninsula has a copy of Nuns on the Run or Atlantis: Milo's Return.

We spent time on the beach. Omena has this small public beach, maybe forty feet long, that back in the day was never occupied. The area's gotten busier and it was occupied by gangs of people nearly every time we visited. bunny_hugger looked around the rocky beach for skipping stones and fossils. She did poorly on the skipping, with only a few doing much of anything. Her brother's girlfriend was magnificent and could probably skip a boulder six times. bunny_hugger did great on the fossils, though, picking out long-gone shells with almost magical ease. I followed her direction and kept poking around the same territory finding nothing. Well, mercifully, eventually, I did locate one. And some rocks that were attractive in their ways.

We also learned that while you might not forget how to swing, and it might be fun enough, as you get larger you should insist on swings with solid seats, wood or metal or something. The rubber-strap seats clasp really tight around your hips and press the metal joint into your skin. Not a good thing.

Her brother and his girlfriend went off in the car, to buy stuff for dinner. The house had a new outdoor grill, and though we were expressly welcome to use it we had resisted for fear of spoiling a brand-new grill. Investigation revealed the grill had already been used, and this opened the way for getting skewers and making vegetable shish kebabs. We stopped in the wine shop that's the other half of the Knot Just A Bar restaurant and found the best we could get for $20. (Her brother preferred, I think, white wine, while the area specializes in red. Or the other way around.)

With everyone assembling in the evening we set our pet rabbit in the yard, his hindlegs protected by a towel, and watched over him while waiting for dinner. He wasn't in good spirits, understandably, although with a bit more of the pain medication we had on hand and the outside air he seemed a bit better. And we kept finding just a little more vegetable and just a little more time and a little more heat left in the coals to keep dinner going past sunset, past 10 pm (a sunset hour for the lower peninsula in summer).

We played a quick round of Betrayal at the House on the Hill with bunny_hugger's brother and his girlfriend. We had infected them with interest in the game back at Christmas, and they got a copy themselves, only to find nobody around them wanted to play. The game needs at least three players, the more the better. We've known that pain. And afterwards, aware we had to be up early in the morning, we thought we'd play a quicker little game called Talisman. This is one where all the players are going around a board, battling and collecting tokens and whatnot, in the hopes to rule the kingdom. bunny_hugger and I have played it with reasonable success. It turns out to take a lot longer if you have four players rather than two, and so we were ready for bed much later than we had expected. Well, what harm would that do?

Trivia: Among the proposals for an architectural centerpiece for the 1893 Chicago World's Fair was a log cabin, to be built atop a wooden tower five hundred feet taller than the Eiffel Tower. Source: The Devil in the White City: Murder, Magic, and Madness at the Fair that Changed America, Erik Larson. (It's not clear to me whether the plan was submitted by a competent architect. It seems hard to imagine a 1500-foot-tall log spire being possible.)

Currently Reading: Big Dish: Building America's Deep Space Connection To the Planets, Douglas J Mudgway.

PS: L'Hôpital's Rule Without End: Is That A Thing? as I ran across a nagging little calculus problem while helping someone through Freshman Calc.

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