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You can almost taste the hot dogs and french fries they sell

Anyway, after the beach we drove home pretty directly. We did stop to buy a bowl of cherries since it is the area for that, although it took a while to actually find some at a roadside stand available. And while we did stop at the Clare Welcome Center to stretch our legs and get some pop and go to the bathroom we decided not to let our pet rabbit out again. We thought he'd probably more appreciate getting home a half-hour sooner, given his problems.

And yet for all that we did stop about a half-hour before home, at Farmer John's Cider Mill. Bathroom break, although it also gave us the chance to buy some sugar cookies and some chocolate-covered pretzels that were just fantastic. Farmer John's advertised themselves as a Pokemon Go stop, too, which delighted us more than it really should. Home, though, wasn't far away, and it was in good shape, and we could sit inside in the dark not doing stuff, which was comforting at that point.

A little after this came an ominous e-mail from bunny_hugger's father, with the warning to not reply because her father and her mother share an e-mail account. It's about the mix of our deciding not to go to lunch and yet bringing our pet rabbit to the beach. bunny_hugger's mother got worried that we --- specifically, I --- held against her that our pet rabbit was stricken by a fly, and that I didn't trust her to sit and watch over out rabbit. But, you know, don't tell anyone I told you this.

Well, what can you do with a tip like that? And it was pointless too because by the time bunny_hugger could call to try saying something about how ridiculous that was, her mother had noticed the e-mail in their outbox and read it and was angry at her husband for telling us something he shouldn't have. bunny_hugger reassured her that absolutely we do not blame her for anything. She takes better care of our pet rabbit than anyone does, not excepting ourselves. And while bunny_hugger's starter husband was one for duplicity like that, I'm not. I can talk to people I'm upset with like an adult, at least when the person is an adult, so online relationship can be trickier.

bunny_hugger's mother seems satisfied that of course we don't blame her for a fly doing its best to provide for its offspring. And I've tried to reassure her that I have complete confidence in her ability and skill, without explicitly giving away that I heard from someone who wasn't supposed to tell me something she wasn't supposed to hear about ... oh, you see where this is all a weird mess. Anyway, since then our pet rabbit's been well enough. And we had cause to leave him with them for a week in late July, a coming exhaustive report. Should have a couple of weekend trips too, coming in October, reports to make it to here by December? January? Sometime.

Trivia: British sweets shops ran out of stock for weeks on end after the end of confectionary rationing in April 1949. Rationing was reintroduced in August. Source: Chocolate Wars: The 150-Year Rivalry Between The World's Greatest Chocolate Makers, Deborah Cadbury.

Currently Reading: Dirty Old London: The Victorian Fight Against Filth, Lee Jackson.

PS: Some Thermomathematics Reading, one of my little headsup posts that people like.

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