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And so I turned inside once more

It was another slow week at my mathematics blog. You saw it on your Friends page or perhaps on your RSS feed. But I'm happy with what I did write, which included:

And now back to our late June 2016 visit to Cedar Point!


What's New And Old At Cedar Point for 2016: under construction, left, is the new water tower. The old water tower, right, is something like a century old and we suppose it'll be torn down this coming winter. Over the course of the season the new tower would get more finished, including getting painted, and so it would look much less like a dystopian symbol of might glowering over the Super Himalaya.


One of those things we never pay attention to and that'll probably vanish before anyone really misses it: the entrance to Snake River Falls, the big shoot-the-chutes ride. We're not really big fans of get-yourself-soaked rides. Last year they closed the Shoot-the-Rapids log flume, itself only five years old.


Glass sculpting! After many a year the glass-blowing shop in Frontier Town was open again and they had people showing off what you could do with the molten.


Reheating glass. Good view directly into the glass oven. Properly speaking we didn't see any glass being blown, just sculpted, but we did see them reheating and tinting pieces.


The glass-working seems to be contracted out to Glass Academy, which runs some classes in the Detroit area. If we're reading it right, this is one of those things hipsters got into as part of their process of gentrifying pastimes. And good on them for doing it.


Glass-sculpture sea serpent on sale at the glassworks. It's beautiful. It's also $250. Possibly more. Yikes. bunny_hugger was scared of my picking it up to look at the price tag. I was too.

Trivia: The United States had about 267 thousand rural telephones in 1907. There were about 1,465 thousand by 1907. Source: Telephone: The First Hundred Years, John Brooks.

Currently Reading: Nessie: Exploring The Supernatural Origins of the Loch Ness Monster, Nick Redfern.

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