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I wake up in the morning and I wonder

Where were we before the world ended. Oh, right. End of Pinburgh.

They didn't throw us out of the convention floor at the closing moment, after all, why would they. But they did turn the lights down and turned pinball machines off and who can blame them. We got some more photographs while the getting was good. In some ways that was better; a fully-lit pinball table is a hard photographic target. One that's turned off at least has fewer lights and reflections and everything going on. We did some wandering around of the convention hall. And we discovered the 80s Living Room that ReplayFX had set up. We'd read about this but hadn't actually seen it, somehow, although it turns out it was right up by the window and strangely impossible to miss. It felt like our 1988 living room even though nothing about it actually matched anything we had.

Since the reports on our pet rabbit had been good enough we were going to take another day in Pittsburgh. We'd hoped we would and we worried we were placing our desire to stay another day above our pet rabbit's actual needs. We tried to assuage this by saying we were relying on hard data, like how much he was eating (pretty much all he was given) or moving (some). It turns out we were right, or at least we weren't wrong.

Because we wanted to go to Kennywood. We hadn't been in a whole two summers, after all. And we wanted to go with company. MWS had hoped to make his first trip to Kennywood last year, at the end of his first Pinburgh. But the weather was looking bad then, an his carpool bunch wasn't up for risking that, and so he missed it. We felt for him then, but it did offer the chance we'd be able to be there the first time he saw the park.

And he had a friend along, one who's not into the pinball scene and so who hasn't got a high-score table sign. I'll just call him K. K's a longtime friend and housemate of MWS, and like him an amusement park enthusiast. K had come along to Pinburgh, but spent most of his time walking around Pittsburgh playing Pokemon Go (remember Pokemon Go?) instead of looking at the vintage games or the whatever else was at the convention. We saw him a few times during the convention, including on Friday when we took some of the dinner break to visit him in his hotel room.

We wouldn't stay at the Westin; it's way too expensive and poorly placed for Kennywood. We would go to our old friend the Red Roof Inn in Monroeville. MWS and K would follow and through the magic of those hotel booking apps get the room next to ours. We went to the Eat-n-Park for dinner. K utterly charmed the staff, starting from the fact he was wearing a pink Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers shirt. And we narrowly avoided smashing MWS's car into the road divider that he didn't realize was there in the dark. (K had faster reflexes than any of us in warning.) But we got to the Giant Eagle and bought cheap Kennywood tickets for the morning --- everyone was delighted by having real actual physical tickets printed on card stock and everything --- and we went back to our temporary home.

Trivia: Germany's tax level, as a percentage of income, rose from about 18 percent to 27 percent between 1929 and 1937. Source: A Low Dishonest Decade: The Great Powers, Eastern Europe, and the Economic Origins of World War II, 1930 - 1941, Paul N Hehn.

Currently Reading: A Great And Godly Adventure: The Pilgrims and the Myth of the First Thanksgiving, Godfrey Hodgson.

PS: The End 2016 Mathematics A To Z: Ergodic, because just ugh.

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