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I go out with the crowd, I play the game

So let's see. After BIL's basement tournament. We had some time to relax, get back to normal. Spend some low-energy time. Do the things we normally do.

Then we did something we never do. Not in August, anyway, not on a Saturday. We went to Michigan's Adventure.

It's not that going to an amusement park is a bad idea. It's just that a Saturday, in August, is a bad idea, because everybody in the state has the same idea. Michigan's Adventure has an enormous parking lot, far more than the gentle, low-key, low-energy place could ever need. It was ... well, no, not full. But it was two-thirds full, which is about eight times as full as we see it the days we normally go. It was busier even than that day last year when bunny_hugger's brother and his girlfriend wanted to see the park and we were almost crushed under the population.

There's never a serious wait for rides at the park. This time there were. We scrapped basically all plans to ride stuff. Well, we're season pass holders and we've been to the park many times, and they add rides slowly. It's all right to just take in the mad atmosphere.

Also the farm. The big attraction for the year, Michigan's Adventure's 60th since it started as a petting zoo, was a petting zoo. I think it was the same set of animals they'd had earlier in the year, although this time the rabbits had a little table under which they could hide. They may be Chill Bunnies but they still need somewhere to not be batted by hyperactive kids.

We did get some rides in. One on the Yo-yo swings ride. A turn on the Chance Carousel. And we braved the horribly long line for Shivering Timbers, the big wooden roller coaster. We'd never gone to Michigan's Adventure and not ridden at least one roller coaster. Normally we ride all of them that aren't closed for maintenance. It wasn't as awful as we feared; the roller coaster has a lot of capacity. Maybe it was a 25-minute wait. But that's still 20 minutes more than the normal wait, the sort of day we normally go.

So it was a bit breathtaking, the sort of park visit more enjoyable as a spectacle than as an experience proper. We had made a planning mistake in going to the park first on the day. But it was something we'd needed to learn.

Trivia: The lunar rovers were powered by two 36-volt silver-zinc batteries, with enough power for a range of 65 kilometers at speeds up to 17 kilometers per hour. Source: Where No Man Has Gone Before: A History of NASA's Apollo Lunar Expeditions, William David Compton.

Currently Reading: Michigan: A History, Bruce Catton.

PS: The End 2016 Mathematics A To Z: Kernel, which is pronounced like ``of corn'' and is one of those things that brings me boundless delight.

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