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And headed for the State Fair

With evening setting in and all the stuff to look at besides the demolition derby looked at, what to do at the fair but buy wristbands and ride stuff? bunny_hugger's parents chose not to ride anything, her mother because she doesn't really like riding things, her father because he was more interested in trying to eat everything. I exaggerate but he did get a striking-to-me number of snacks over the course of the day.

We knew the rides! We had seen them just a month earlier, in Fremont at the Baby Food Festial/Meijer State Games. The same company that managed that event also provided rides and concessions and all for Calhoun County. It wasn't the branch of the company that brings a portable roller coaster around, which was disappointing to an extent. Also a relief to an extent. bunny_hugger has been sitting at 199 recorded roller coasters. Who'd want to make a milestone coaster of some minor obscurity like a touring fair company might offer? ... Well, there's some fun to that idea too. But she'd rather it be something more substantial, you know?

The best ride of the lot would be the merry-go-round, which we took as, I think, our first and certainly our last ride. We'd been on it in Fremont too. It's a small ride and, I think, some mid-50s Allan Herschell carousel design. The thing is they run it fast, at six rotations per minute. Carousels are thrill rides if you run them fast enough and six rotations per minute is a good marker for that. It was a bit rough, with the horses slamming down fairly hard at least for me. But the ride was worth that.

The best value-for-time ride was the Ferris wheel. It wasn't a large wheel, which is why bunny_hugger was willing to consider it. But the ride operator took his time loading everybody, and I do mean everybody, onto the ride. We spent a lot of time dangling at height both loading and unloading; while we were one of the first few people loaded on we were also among the last offloaded. I started to feel like I'd been dangling in midair long enough, and I don't mind dangling in midair much.

So we had a good slightly tiring time, and I think we might have been there until the rides actually closed up for the night and they started turning stands off. I believe we grabbed the last elephant ears from one stand as it was closing, so we could drive to her parents' house while chewing and getting powdered sugar on everything. We're still getting powdered sugar out of our clothes. Good times at the fair.

Trivia: From 1 December 1931 the Soviet revolutionary calendar reintroduced a sixth day to the week. It would b a universal day of rest, chestidnevki. Source: Mapping Time: The Calendar and its History, EG Richards. (The day of the week was officially abolished in favor of Sunday in June 1940.)

Currently Reading: The Man Who Fed The World: Nobel Peace Price Laureate Norman Borlaug And His Battle To End World Hunger, Leon Hesser.

PS: The End 2016 Mathematics A To Z: Monster Group, which I needed 1900 words to describe and I'm still not really happy with all of them.


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