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Where do we build a house, where do the roses grow?

So one of our neighbors has been, to be polite, a troublesome neighbor. It's a rental house, with upwards of forty people coming and going all hours of the night. Something strange started happening in late summer, though. People got working on the house. It started with power-washing the outside, something it sorely needed. And they delivered fence components. We thought briefly that the neighbors were putting up a privacy fence between their yard and ours, which would (a) save us from the lousy state they keep the yard in and (b) insult us because they were screening us out? But no, all that was happening was they were repairing the back-of-the-lot fence, past some piles of yard debris. Which was offensive in its own way; all that junk in the yard and they're fixing a run-down but functional fence? And not building one between our lots?

It transpired that the landlord there does not merely have lousy tenants. The landlord's also a delinquent, and had been renting the place without inspections or a rental certificate for years. And finally got caught. So a host of repairs were going on. Painting, for example, which followed on from the power-washing. It's not a great paint job, and was done with the light olive paint left over from the landlord's home's paint job. But it does make the house less dingy brown.

So what appears to be going on is that after a decade of running an illicit rental, and two years of being plagued with bad tenants, everything is catching up with the landlord there. He's had a lot of people coming in to bring the house up to code, we imagine, including electrical work that can't be easy. He's missed several inspection deadlines and do honestly wonder if the house is going to be ordered vacated. I don't want to live next to an empty house, but that might be better than one that won't mow, won't shovel snow, and leaves a full trash bin by the side of the house for a month or more.

We get much of this information from bunny_hugger happening, finally, to meet the landlord. He was disarmingly frank about how he doesn't like the current renters but hasn't overcome the legal obstacles to evicting them. (And that he accepts why it's hard to legally evict renters, even though that hurts him; if he's sincere that does make me like him some.) He spoke some about going halfsies on a privacy fence between our yards, but he's avoided actually doing anything that would commit to building one. The most charitable thing I can imagine is that he's so caught up trying to meet rental inspections that he hasn't had time to think of the fence. But that's extending a lot of charity, even for me.

Trivia: S F ``Rox'' Rothafel declared the Radio City Music Hall to achieve his record-setting goal of 6,201 seats by adding to the 5,960 audience seats the number of seats in the orchestra pit, the elevator operators' stools, and the makeup-mirror chairs in the powder rooms. Source: Great Fortune: The Epic of Rockefeller Center, Daniel Okrent.

Currently Reading: The Man Who Fed The World: Nobel Peace Price Laureate Norman Borlaug And His Battle To End World Hunger, Leon Hesser.

PS: The End 2016 Mathematics A To Z: Normal Numbers, and I won't undersell: I think I have my best-ever opening line in this one.


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