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When I think about what we wasted, makes me sad

We set out for the far west of Michigan the second Sunday of September. We had two goals. The first was to stop in on the Blind Squirrel tavern and put some scores in for September's monthly tournament. This is the part of their International Flipper Pinball Association ratings-points generator that's more like a selfie league. You play as many games as you like of their tables there, and your best two scores on each table give you positions for the September monthly tournament. We only spent an hour or so there, as intended; I think we got maybe a round of one game each on the six tables there. Something like that, anyway.

Because what we really meant to do was get to Michigan's Adventure. It was the last day of the park's season and we don't want to miss that. It wouldn't be another crazily busy day, since it was the last day of the park's season. The water park wouldn't be open that weekend, and that helps reduce the craziness of the crowds. And the park doesn't have any Halloween season, so the park wouldn't have that drawing people out. And we weren't surprised. It was the sort of low-key, relaxed day we like the park for. There was a fair crowd, enough to be fun to be in. But no reason to think we'd miss any roller coasters or spend endless time waiting in line for things.

The coffee stand was still not open. We think we saw it serving someone once, one time, when we weren't able to stop, but we weren't sure. If it was ever open for real normal business the whole season we didn't see it. I could take or leave coffee, but it'd do bunny_hugger well if she could get a cup at the park. Maybe next season.

What was there, and in good shape, was the petting zoo. With the time and unhurried sense we could enjoy hanging out with the sheep and goats and silkie chickens. The chickens and ducks have a real natural sense of comic timing in how they waddle just out of range of any kids following them. And the bunnies, of course. They were huddled together, mostly, underneath the little table meant to shelter them from sun and kids. And grooming each other, which was delightful. Their Flemish giant brought us to thinking of our pet rabbit, naturally, and some vague ideas about whether we could set him up on a date with another pet rabbit for company or mutual grooming at least. I'm not sure that we could do it.

Even while we were there, in the early afternoon, the zoo was being closed up. They were taking out toys and bringing some animals into a trailer for, I suppose, the home farm for all these animals. Such is the closing day of an amusement park's season.

Trivia: British phosphorus production rose from 1,000 tons in 1914 to 2,500 tons in 1918. Source: The 13th Element: The Sordid Tale of Murder, Fire, and Phosphorus, John Emsley.

Currently Reading: The Secret History of Wonder Woman, Jill Lepore. Considering how much I read about comic books you'd think I would actually read comic books some. It's like I'm a fan of the fandom but don't care about what is actually going on.

PS: The End 2016 Mathematics A To Z: Osculating circle, the steamier side of mathematics.

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