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Michigan's Adventure just barely qualifies as a theme park. It has one themed section, a couple of rides and food stands and shops that have a Western motif going. We would get a quick little something to tide us over at the Wagon Wheel stand. As you would expect from that name and its being in the Western-themed section of the park, it's a pizza place. We assume there's a history there. It was late in the day, the last day of the season. The pizza slices were hardened, solid pizza-inspired lumps of matter. The breadsticks held up better. They closed the stand shortly after we went to it, so we closed out the Wagon Wheel pizza shop. We would have been better off getting a bag of kettle corn while that was open, but it closed for business before we expected.

We did not quite close out Shivering Timbers. We were the penultimate train ride of the season, though. It's a great ride, my favorite at the park, a classing long out-and-back ride with wonderful long drops. It's often our last ride of a day, and has been our last ride of the season several times. If we should ride anything after the park's close it's this.

Since the park closed early, maybe 7 pm, we figured to stop in at the Blind Squirrel tavern again and get in a few more games. And here something strange happened. The satellite navigator got weird. This happens sometimes, where the gadget thinks we're in the next very-closeby street over, or thinks we're a few feet off road. But this was really bad. The more I drove, trying my best to retract the path through very small, minor roads in remote-to-us Michigan, which we had seen maybe two times before, the worse it got. The satellite navigator's map turned into almost total gibberish, suggesting that we were going through the middle of a lake that wasn't even adjacent to the street we were on.

I got frightened. Not so much about getting lost, since I figured I couldn't get too lost. Drive far enough in any direction and I'd hit a Great Lake or Ohio, and I'd know what to do from there. Well, I'd hit one of a couple Interstates or US Routes anyway.

What got me was this: we don't have smart phones. While Michigan's Adventure might have Wi-Fi somewhere we didn't bring our iPods in. We knew nothing of what might be going on in the world. And the second Sunday of September was the 11th. What if something major and catastrophic had gone on, something that compelled the downgrading of GPS data while it was sorted out? This was a ridiculous fear, yes. But what information did I have to refute it? A momentary glitch ought to clear up, in time. Why was this not clearing up?

I turned the thing off and on again. This didn't help. I turned it off and let it sit off a while, and then turned on again. And this time it fiddled around a while and then, finally, snapped into place. We got to the Blind Squirrel tavern without any further problem and, of course, nothing was going on in the world that needed our attention.

So we got a little more playing time in. And more than that. The bar had 8:00 as its scheduled closing time, but nobody seemed interested in kicking anyone out when the time came. I suspect 8:00 is the nominal closing Sunday hour but they actually stay open until after whatever football games are on have wrapped up. That seems to make more sense for a bar to me anyway. We put in a couple further games and drove home well before the game ended, whatever that was.

Trivia: Yu-Hai's encyclopedia, published in China in 1748, had 240 volumes. Source: Know-It-All, A J Jacobs.

Currently Reading: The Secret History of Wonder Woman, Jill Lepore.

PS: The End 2016 Mathematics A To Z: Principal, not the financial-mathematics meaning.

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