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Your destiny awaits so don't be late for martinis at eight

Back to Suttons Bay, Michigan shortly. First, my mathematics blog and its contents the past week. I didn't quite have a post-a-day blog, which is all right. Mathematics is hard to write about daily:

And now back to summer! Enjoy.


``Seriously, Dan, do you have to embarrass us like that?'' Seagulls at the Suttons Bay beach.


Beach ball trapped in a little dug-out silhouette of a durian. On the beach at Suttons Bay, away from the seagulls momentarily.


At the Ice Cream Factory, where we stopped for soda and not ice cream, bunny_hugger readies to take a photo of you. Smile!


No, they were closed.


Social commentary on the tragedy of personal belongings in a world of mass production and, increasingly, mass unemployment. Or some kid left a single shoe on the picnic table and then ran off, lopsidedly.

Trivia: The Articles of Capitulation by which, in 1664, the New Netherlands were surrendered to English rule, specified that the Dutch colonists ``shall continue to enjoy all their possessions (Forts only excepted)''. Source: The Island at the Centre of the World, Russell Shorto.

Currently Reading: Groovy Science, Editor David Kaiser, W Patrick McCray.

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