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The rest of the night had a weird sense. Maybe anticlimax since we were there after the big busy event which had brought us there. Maybe just because all our normal park routines were broken up by this; we weren't going to be having a routine September night at Cedar Point no matter what we did. We ate. And we spent time hanging around the Casino arcade, looking over some of the crane games --- bunny_hugger's father used to route them, and she still defends the honor of the trade --- and the pinball machines. They were in rough shape. They always are. The games are from the 70s and have not gotten the sort of thoroughgoing complete cleaning and repair job they really need. bunny_hugger's favorite of the ancient machines, Travel Time, wasn't working, and it wouldn't be working when we made our October visit either.

Still, pleasant night, not too huge a crowd. We did some riding. We got our second ValRavn ride of the season, our first night ride on the drop coaster. It's a fine ride, even if it feels short. The spot in the middle of the ride in which it comes to a near-complete stop so we can appreciate a second drop also chops up its momentum. The ride feels like a short one. Also we have no idea how to get a ride in the front row of seats. It's understandable that's the most popular seat, since it gives the best few straight down at the drop moments. But somehow we get assigned to the second or third row and we don't know how to join the extra-wait queue for the front.

And we rode some old friends. Raptor, for example, which I think may have been down or too busy or something when we visited in June. It's hard to believe we didn't get a ride on Blue Streak, given the circumstances, although if we did I didn't snap a photograph from the ride or its environs. But I might have been thinking I didn't need to photograph every single thing we did; it's just an easy way to take notes.

We had set out with the promise to ourselves that we didn't need to stay until midnight and the park's closing. We came close anyway, though. We decided we had spent enough time and we were ready to get home before it was too absurdly late at about 11:30. But we did feel like the night had reached a sensible end and that we didn't want to spoil our fun by demanding we have more of it.

So we took our ride on the Midway Carousel and made our way home, with the plan to return for a proper Halloweekends visit.

Trivia: The porphyry column, known as the Pietra del Bando, in the Piazza San Marco, was the traditional spot for the promulgation of Venetian laws. In 1902 it also protected the corner of the Basilica from a collapsing campanile. Source: A History of Venice, John Julius Norwich.

Currently Reading: After Apollo? Richard Nixon and the American Space Program, John M Logsdon. Goodness but it's comforting to read about how the Nixon administration started out a disorganized and inept bunch of Washington-hating outsiders. That worked out well for so many people.

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