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I guess that exhausts the report on our pet rabbit's last day although goodness knows I can't avoid thinking about it still. Well, here's the list of stuff from my humor blog that would've been there on a happier last Thursday.


In Leland, on the way to Fishtown. There's something about the town that encourages people to bring antique or oddball cars there. There's a garage near where we parked which was working on several antique cars. And then on the way to the pier we saw this whatever-it-is.


Looking down into Fishtown. It's still a properly working fishing pier, although nearly all the buildings have given over to tourist-trade items like cheese and ice cream. There are still people gathering Lake Michigan fish from the spot, though.


One of the charter boats that does ply the waters out of Fishtown. I think that on the far side is one of the fishing boats and a house that is either occupied by an actual fisher or else by someone rich enough to own lakeside property in a touristy town.


Looking upon my works, ye mighty: ``This plaque marks the site of The Leland Lake Superior Iron Company. Began operating as a blast furnace in 1870. Dedicated by the Leelanau County Historical Society. May 9, 1958.'' Former industry.


bunny_hugger and her father examining the tree stump. From the plaque: ``Leland Champion Cottonwood Tree. This trunk remains as evidence of the Champion Cottonwood Tree that watched over the entrance to historic Fishtown for more than 100 years. The tree was planted circa 1901 by Ozzie Cordes, and was taken down on November 7, 2011.'' Cuttings from it were taken in 2008 so its clones could grow, somewhere.

Trivia: A&P stores did not carry toothpaste or shaving cream until 1951, when an experiment on a hundred toiletries began. Source: The Great A&P And The Struggle For Small Business In America, Marc Levinson.

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