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So remember when we got the house painted and then, the next year, the roof redone? In hindsight we ought to have done the roof first, as the work damaged some of the shakes and trim and other parts of the house's finish. And we had trouble finding any living soul willing to finish up the painting because you know how it is: have a simple, modest house task you're willing to pay for and nobody wants to do it.

We eventually got a guy who'd done some painting and home-repair stuff for bunny_hugger years in the past to agree to do it. He's a chipper, genial person, overflowing with cheer and pride in Dutch-quality work. He agreed to it in the fall of 2015, promising that in spring of 2016 he'd be in touch when he had a day or two to do the work. Also to finish off the spots of painting where, he pointed out, our original housepainters had skimped on the job.

Spring came and he begged off, saying he didn't have the schedule space. July while we were at Pinburgh he phoned to say he had a couple days free, but by the time we were home the window was gone. By early autumn we were resigned to his joining the legion of contractors that just don't actually contract. And just as we were ready to give up for the year he called to say he would like to leap into it.

Well, leap with some reservations. We had to get new paint, unfortunately. The leftover paint from the main housepainting we had left in the garage one winter, not knowing what it was (it was in five-gallon buckets and merged invisibly into the other piles of five-gallon buckets of stuff in the garage) or what that would do to the paint (transform it to Rookwood putty). But he and his wife were able to come in and work as a pair. He'd touch up the spots outside that were damaged or never finished. She painted the storm windows that had got overlooked in the house painting two summers ago.

And so finally, finally, we have the house painting and the roof repairing done. No loose ends or not-quite-finished tasks built on this yet.

One last jab of memory. When he and his wife came in to work out the proper bid and all of course the saw our pet rabbit, who watched them with the curiosity he normally brought to this sort of thing. They spoke of how amazing he was, and how large. I think they might be the last contractors brought into the house who'd remark on his size.

Trivia: The last episode of George of the Jungle had its dailies finished three days before airing; it still needed to be cut, dubbed, and printed. Source: The Moose That Roared: The Story of Jay Ward, Bill Scott, a Flying Squirrel, and a Talking Moose, Keith Scott. (This was in part deliberate; Ward had learned that by working very close to airing time he could avoid most network interference.)

Currently Reading: 1919: The Year Our World Began, William K Klingaman.

PS: The End 2016 Mathematics A To Z Roundup, in case you missed any of my writing the last two months.


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