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Screen owls hoot, are you listening?

Our lost pet rabbit's next and, it transpired, last weekend with bunny_hugger's parents would be two weeks after that, the last weekend of October. This was so we could go to Cedar Point and its Halloweekends. bunny_hugger hasn't missed Halloweekends since possibly the autumn her starter marriage collapsed; I haven't missed it since I don't know. Possibly 2010, when I first started going to the park and visiting bunny_hugger in October regularly. We didn't feel right counting our visit Halloweekends' opening day, the closing of Mean Streak, as that was too anomalous to feel right. We were ready, if need presented, to bail out of Cedar Point and rush home if our pet rabbit crashed. It wasn't necessary, though. In October and November he was doing very well, apparently recuperating in strength and energy and interest. We had forebodings at the time this might be the renowned ``final rally'' that people identify after the fact but, if it was, what could we do about that?

We thought we'd gotten a room in a part of the Hotel Breakers that we'd never been in before, and that until renovations a few years ago was impossible to get rooms in: the central octagonal tower. Not so. We were in a wing we rarely even think of, but its only interesting feature was that it was like four zillion steps away from the ladder or elevator or anything. Maybe we'll get the tower next year.

A couple years ago Cedar Point renovated the Hotel Breakers, demolishing an old wing that had itself been renovated just a couple years earlier. We'd wondered what they were going to replace the capacity with and it turned to be ``higher rates on the remaining rooms''. But apparently the cycle has turned again, and they're rebuilding a new wing, along with a lot of other renovations. Besides whatever unannounced thing is happening to the former Mean Streak roller coaster they're doing a massive renovation and renaming of the water park, and I think they're even getting rid of the upcharge-attraction Challenge Park. So that whole section of the Point was a lot of construction zones.

This scrambled my guesses about What Won't Be There Next Season. I'd imagined that the Oceana Entrance, the entrance so little-thought-of that bunny_hugger can't specifically remember having ever used it even for the fun of doing something different, would be the next to get renovated. With the whole Resort Entrance surrounded by construction fences, though, it's hard not to suppose that's going to be completely different next time we see it.

We had time to take last photographs. As at the retirement for Mean Streak, and at last year's Halloweekends, they had security screening at the entrances. X-rays and people poking into your bags, a concept they didn't seem to have any clear definition about. Sometimes my camera bag counted, sometimes it didn't. And, we'd find, the screening isn't done early enough in the day. It's almost a system designed to needlessly slow down everything and to offend bunny_hugger's sense of procedural integrity. And the company is even named Tenable Security, as if we needed to doubt it that little extra bit more.

Trivia: Gene Cernan's initial assignment as Gemini astronaut was to spacecraft propulsion and the Agena docking target. Source: Gemini: Steps To The Moon, David J Shayler.

Currently Reading: American Slavery, 1619 - 1877, Peter Kolchin.

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