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You never know where you're going

I know I mentioned a long while back the MRT system was running what would seem to be an easy contest; with each ride on the SMRT trains (the north-south and east-west lines) you're entered for eight weekly drawings of 88 days of free rides, plus some grand prizes of a year's free rides, and one car. They got to announcing winners, as identified by the numbers on their EZ-link tap cards, but stopped announcing who had redeemed them because of the slightly embarrassing fact the claimage rate was running about one out of eight for the 88 days' free travel. Certainly I'd downplay that track record. I hate to think how embarrassed SMRT would be if nobody claimed the car either.

Anyway, I'm off, heading back home for a short visit and hoping nothing I'll regret missing happens in Singapore while I'm gone. I'm hoping also the construction outside my office building will be advanced enough, when I get back, that it'll be clear whether they are working to a particular plan or if they jsut start every day by asking one another, ``I dunno, what do you wanna do?'' until they hit something that sounds fun.

Trivia: Commercial traffic on the Erie Canal dropped to 72,000 tons per year by 1989. Source: ``Erie Canal: Living Link to our Past,'' Joel L Swerdlow. National Geographic, November 1990.

Currently Reading: Absolute Zero and the Conquest of Cold, Tom Schactman, but I'm sure Captain S P Meek used the same title at least once.


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