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You don't look different but you have changed

Oh, this is a small thing, but it's yet something else that went away in the closing months of 2016. Our dentist retired. bunny_hugger had expected it for years, since he was getting up there in years and he was clearly winding his practice down. It had been years since she'd had to wait while at his office, even as he saw patients fewer and fewer days. I'd never had to wait, and I kind of wonder if I might have been the last new patient he took in. I started going to his clinic in 2012 so probably not. But it's hard to rule out.

Anyway, he announced it in a postcard to us, by surprise, and only a couple weeks after bunny_hugger had her regular appointment and heard nothing, not a hint. I managed to miss his retirement party, just by failing to think of it on the day. bunny_hugger did, though, and stopped in on the way home from work.

Among the gossip she picked up was that apparently the retirement took everybody by surprise. His staff didn't have plans for what they were doing next, which is the sort of thing that you hear when you didn't know the place was closing down. She also got to meet a bunch of other patients and learn how long our dentist had been caring for some of them. I think there was one who'd been going to our dentist for four decades. It's a staggering thought, although my father points out, he and his father went to the same dentist --- and before that, his father --- for decade after decade. I went to the same dentist up until I went to grad school and kind of forgot to take care of my teeth for fifteen years.

We're not berent of dental care now, though. Our dentist shared office space with another, whom we knew as the door on the left side of the greeting area where the bathroom was. And he's sold his practice to her. I suppose I'll be the first to have a regular checkup there, so will be the first to know whether they're going to keep using both sides of the facility or whether something else is going on. There's always something else going on.

Trivia: At the outbreak of the Civil War the New Jersey State Arsenal included two cannon captured at Yorktown in 1781 and a cannon seized in the Battle of Trenton. The state did not have any ammunition on hand. Source: New Jersey: America's Main Road, John T Cunningham.

Currently Reading: The Flintstones #7, March 2017. Mark Russell, Rick Leonardi, Scott Hanna. Because what the heck, everybody's reading them.


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