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Later we'll have some pumpkin pie

Also in normal routine stuff for the end of 2016: Christmas trees. We went to the nearby Tannenbaum Farms to cut down two trees, one for the living room and one for the bedroom. We always meet bunny_hugger's parents there, a little late, when they've already gone and picked out their tree. This year we got there earlier and still pulled up as her parents were putting their tree in the car. All right.

The cuttable trees are in different regions every year. This year the one we were looking for for the living room was really far away from the snack stand. Really, really far away. We left bunny_hugger's parents at the snack stand, where they could sit by the fire, rather than make them hike all over the farms. And at that we gave up the first time around and went back to check we had got the directions down right. The trees were so far away that we probably would have been better walking from the front of the farms rather than the snack stand.

Well, at least the snack stand would let us gather around the fire. It wasn't a cold winter to that point (and it still hasn't really been), but a good wood fire still feels great. I forget if bunny_hugger's parents asked about the reindeer the farms used to have and didn't this year. I think their reindeer died, so we weren't figuring to bring up anything unpleasant if we didn't have to. There was enough worry about the threat of a snowstorm: the tree farm's employees were talking about the incoming storm and how they'd likely have to shut early. Ominous stuff, especially as bunny_hugger's mother has little confidence in her husband's driving, especially during storms.

The bringing of the Christmas trees into the house was always one of our lost rabbit's favorite days. Or as I put it, it wa his Christmas. He perked up, as much as he could anymore, and it was easy to figure how much tree he figured to eat. He'd still eat what we would offer him up to three days before his death.

The upstairs tree turned out to be a mixed blessing. On the one hand it was almost perfectly formed, just beautiful. On the other, it was really wide. The logical place for a tree there is a sort of corner that also gives access to our main-bedroom bookshelves and the attic. The main-bedroom bookshelves we could reduce the need to access by my going through and gathering a month's worth of trivia items from books in one huge and surprisingly satisfying sweep. The attic was more a problem because you know where we keep all our Christmas stuff? In the basement, yes, but there's still stuff that goes in the attic that we have to get to and so that was clumsy, while it lasted. But it looked good.

The trees outlasted our pet rabbit, it happened. I had to take trees to a dropoff site, since the city stopped collecting them irresponsibly early. While I did I got tree sap stuck to my winter coat, and you know how impossible it is to clean that stuff out. That's not a metaphor for how the present is the past, but when I get around to writing my novel I'll probably use that one.

Trivia: The Hershey Department Store opened in 1910, at the corner of Chocolate and Cocoa streets. Source: Hershey: Milton S Hershey's Extraordinary Life of Wealth, Empire, and Utopian Dreams, Michael D'Antonio.

Currently Reading: Rocket Raccoon #2, March 2017. Matthew Rosenberg, Jorge Coelho. Since I'm enjoying Rocket insulting Spider-man so very much.


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