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My mathematics blog stirred from its torpor just enough this week for one of those monstrous 2,000-word essays that always comes out when I'm trying to write something quickly. The conclusion: I would be so much more productive a writer if I had no time to do it in. Run the past week, though:

And with that out of the way let's go back to our last evening in Omena. It featured a loved one.


bunny_hugger carrying our lost rabbit out to the backyard. There's a towel wrapped around her shoulders, which we'd wrap him in so that flies couldn't harass him further.


Our lost rabbit, enjoying what might have been his favorite thing of that week: the chance to eat an entire lawn.


Our lost rabbit, confident in his plans for those dandelions.


The house, at dusk (which was something like 10 pm because sunset comes really late in Michigan in summer), with the lights inside that make it look like the house is winking while grimacing.


See how well we cleaned up the dining room table? Well, we'd get serious about it in the morning. Mostly I wanted to show off what a nice place it was that they could have the dining room lit by flying saucer.

Trivia: Into the 20th century the people of Iceland used a calendar with 364 days over 52 weeks for normal years and 371 days over 53 weeks for leap years. Source: Marking Time: The Epic Quest to Invent The Perfect Calendar, Duncan Steel. (He doesn't go into more detail about this.)

Currently Reading: The Complete Peanuts 1983-84, Charles Schulz. Editor Gary Groth.

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Posts from This Journal “mathematics” Tag