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So I went out and bought a two-carat ring, and both of them you ate

Happy Valentine's Day, my love.

We've had our new pet rabbit a month now and I wanted to share how he's doing.

The big change has been he's gotten comfortable with us, and with his setting. Probably he was depressed the first couple of days; he's gotten to be much more outgoing and more active. He's still not a mischievous rabbit; he doesn't chew wires or buttons or shoes or any of the other things that our lost rabbit would have demolished given the chance. He's made a few experimental nibbles on the coffee table, and this morning I saw him take a couple chews of a cardboard box we left for him. But otherwise, nothing. It's disconcerting that he's behaving this well.

He does patrols, though, hopping around the lower floor of the house and investigating. He'll poke his head into bags, into shoes, into anything that might look like it needs inspection. He's done a couple happy hops and a few clumsy binks, which is reassuring. He does a lot of following us around. Especially bunny_hugger. While he's still a large, heavy rabbit he can somehow switch into silent mode to vanish from halfway across the room ad turn up between your feet. He's learned that he can hop onto the sofa and that he can get a good head of speed running laps on it, although he's not so crazy about actually running that long. He lies down with his legs spread out to either side of his body, the way a dog might. It's regal; it just seems weird.

The important exception to his good behavior is peeing. He'd been peeing outside his litter bins (on puppy training pads, so the floor is safe). Online advice suggested that his being left to run around his whole pen at night somehow threw off his game. We tried closing him into his pen for a few nights and that seemed to do much to get his habits back under control. But then we had to leave him with free roam of the penned area overnight, so we could make it to the state pinball championship (more on that to come). When we got back he was sitting up by the edge of the pen, staring intently at us finally being back. But he'd also peed on the pads. He's had a couple little pees on the floor since then, too.

It's frustrating that he is doing this, and that the evidence so far suggests we have to close him in his pen at night if we don't want him having accidents. But if we must do that, then, fine. He's a charmer otherwise. And he's taken to licking bunny_hugger's hand and pants and clothes. It seems to be grooming; he does his best to tug the bracelet off her wrist, possibly because he figures it's something that shouldn't be there. He licks m some, too, and nudges my feet. But I think he has a favorite already.

Trivia: The trail on the west side of Mount Palomar was ultimately named the Nate Harrison Grade, for a black man brought to Palomar as a slave in 1848 to work a mining claim, and who called himself ``the first white man on the mountain''. He died in 1920 at the age of 107; it's unclear how he financially supported himself. Source: The Perfect Machine: Building the Palomar Telescoe, Ronald Florence.

Currently Reading: The Complete Peanuts 1983-84, Charles Schulz. Editor Gary Groth.

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