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The silicon chip inside her head gets switched to overload

I work remotely. And that's mostly all right, but I am aware that the longer I'm away from the office the less real I get to my coworkers. It had been over a year(!) since I'd been summoned out east and when my boss got to thinking I was a little too abstract a concept, I agreed. I found a decent-looking week to journey back East, my first time in ages without bunny_hugger attached, and booked my flight and everything.

Not without doubts. I knew our lost rabbit got depressed when he was left with bunny_hugger's parents, and his crash back in May seemed to be just the result of two days without us. What would happen with me gone for a week? bunny_hugger, his favorite, would still be there, sure, but I could not help worrying that I'd never see him alive and well-for-him again. And as it happened I did see him alive, but not well, on getting home.

So the last morning with him --- bunny_hugger had gone in to work, her classes, earlier --- I gave him some extra petting and attention and asked him to promise to be well. And cleaned up where he soiled himself, just as my taxi was scheduled to arrive.

While waiting for my taxi the strap to my messenger bag snapped. It was the hook holding the strap to the bag, with no obvious way to replace it and certainly no way to replace it before I got out. Hacky, bad omen to start the trip. Also bad: that the taxi was even later than I figured. I had booked a flight from Detroit; flying out of Lansing would require me to leave before 6 am and I didn't want to make bunny_hugger deal with getting up that early. There's a bus that runs from East Lansing to Detroit's airport, though, and I had the 10 am flight which would leave me slightly too much time before my flight. If I got it, which would depend on the taxi actually arriving. I figured 9:30 would be plenty early for a five-minute taxi ride. So would 9:40, if it had bothered getting here. So would 9:50, by which time I had called the bus to warn I might well miss it because my taxi wasn't there and had called the taxi company to ask if they were aware that this was not nearly 9:30.

The taxi did arrive about 9:55, and I was as cross as I get with the driver. He promised if he saw the bus he'd stop as close to it as possible so I'd have some chance of getting my bus. And despite turning up so late I might have made the bus yet if the driver didn't park in the wrong spot and hem and haw around getting my luggage out of the trunk, when I could've got it myself. Great.

So I hung around about an hour, sourly, eating breakfast in a coney island near the bus stop and hoping that the next bus would leave me enough time to get through airport security. Which it did, although it was much closer than I like to my just striding through security, up my gate, and onto the plane.

Good stuff about an afternoon-to-evening flight: I don't have to get up early for it. Bad stuff about an afternoon-to-evening flight: I got to drive from Newark to Trenton during rush hour. Gads. Rough start to the whole expedition.

Trivia: Multiple couples asked to be married on the Ferris Wheel at the Colombian Exposition. None were granted permission, though two couples who had sent out invitations already were allowed to marry in wheel construction engineer Luther Rice's office. Source: The Devil in the White City: Murder, Magic, and Madness at the Fair that Changed America, Erik Larson.

Currently Reading: Vichy: Two Years Of Deception, Léon Marchal, Translated by Jean Davidson, Don Schwind.

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