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Another year over and a new one just begun

So, where were we? I guess Christmas which, in the wake of our rabbit's death, kind of sucked. Maybe we were fortunate in the timing. We were kept busy, doing things, that first week, and that let us get time to adjust to the fact.

We went to bunny_hugger's parents' house, to spend the evening and day with them. And with her brother, who'd be in town through Boxing Day. His girlfriend didn't make it out this year. And we had the big gap of our rabbit not being there. There was still an animal there.

After slightly more than a year without a dog her father had bought one, a basset hound, from a breeder that he insists was good and responsible. We were skeptical. The dog was extraordinarily timid, afraid to the point of panic of bunny_hugger and not at all comfortable with her mother. Being skeptical of strangers like me and my dear love is reasonable, but after a couple weeks the dog ought to have got at least a little familiar with bunny_hugger's mother. The dog has been getting better-socialized and less terrified with time, but it's still ... kind of a weird dog.

In what threatens to be a new family tradition we went to the new Star Wars movie at the downtown theater. bunny_hugger's mother didn't come along, claiming the need to prepare supper and that she couldn't see the movie well enough anyway. While there we picked up an extra. There was this not-quite-teenage kid who asked if he could sit next to bunny_hugger's brother in the nearly-empty theater and, sure, why not? ... well, he was a bit of a noisy kid, but because he was having a really great time watching Rogue One, and he was thrilled to be seeing it since apparently he couldn't get friends or family of his own to go with. The oddity of that makes it sound like something sad's going on, so we spent a little bit of Christmastime just being the folks this kid could look over and ask if we just saw that. We'd probably have liked the movie anyway, as best we could given our baseline emotional state, but this gave it a little more of a human connection.

My own gift-giving was uninspired. I'll blame that on the New Jersey trip chopping out a lot of time I might have used to think and then our rabbit's death chopping out all sense of purpose. The most memorable gift was that her father wanted an Amazon Echo Dot, and suggested I get one, and e-mailed a couple times to make sure I knew what it was. I'm glad to give something he wants, but it lacked that sense of whimsy. Also it turned out to be impossible to set up, because her parents have a quirky house network setup that required a separate Wi-Fi-connected device to get past one step on. A few weeks later we paid a return visit, with the Alexis app loaded on my iPod Touch, in the hopes that it would be able to send the critical signal about what wireless network to use. And it was, but we weren't too sure it would be; the setup instructions suggested we just needed a smart phone for it, and not one of the four of us has.

We started out figuring to just spent Christmas Eve and Day there, and come back in the evening. And then realized there was nothing we had to go back home for, so we didn't. Instead we stayed up late, playing Betrayal at the House on the Hill with bunny_hugger's brother. He had to get up early, to fly back home. We had the insight that we didn't actually have to get up enough to drive to the airport with him, as his parents were driving him in. We could get up enough to say our goodbyes, go back to bed, and wake up at a reasonable hour. bunny_hugger managed the waking up enough to say goodbye. I slept through it all, as typical.

Home was cold. We'd turned the thermostat down since we were away, but it was still cold after it warmed up.

Trivia: In 1924 Texas adopted legislation banning black people from Democratic primaries in the state. This was ruled unconstitutional on 7 March 1927. Source: 1927: High Tide of the 1920s, Gerald Leinwand.

Currently Reading: Blood Royal: A True Tale of Crime and Detection In Medieval Paris, Eric Jager.


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