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And above all this bustle

Next thing in our Christmas routine was Crossroads Village. We'd meant to get to the zoo's lights festival, but it turned out they weren't open the day we chose. (We got to it later on.) It was at least a reasonably chilly day at the historical village, although there wasn't any snow on the ground. It had been a gentler-than-average winter and it would only get milder yet. (Michigan should not get to 60 degrees in February.) So the lights decorating the historical village looked good, but we couldn't help thinking how they might have looked better yet. On the other hand, I didn't have my new boots yet, so snow would have just poured freezing wet into my socks.

We got there at just the wrong moments to catch the show, so we don't know if they had another iteration of the Gift of the Magi or what. We were able to get a good night ride on the Huckleberry Railroad, taking in the lights displays --- there were a couple new ones --- and the Christmas songs on the speaker all night. I also realized, partway through the ride, that I had a new camera and one that was much better at taking night photographs. I had learned from hard experience not to even try taking pictures of the lights, but now --- I could not just experience the thing but also take not-horribly-blurry photos of the things. And this turned out well. While they're not among my best shots I do have some pictures of their juggling dragon and some of the Twelve Days of Christmas fixtures.

Despite our worries when we didn't see any attendant the Ferris Wheel --- the Superior Wheel --- as running and as fast as ever. This was the first time we'd gotten to it since riding its sibling, and only other (known) survivor of the model, down in New Philadelphia, Ohio, back ahead of Pinburgh. It was just slow loading as quite a few people wanted rides at the same time; I think this is the fullest load we'd ever been on. I don't mind more time on a Ferris Wheel, although the extra time spent swinging back and forth above the ground didn't do bunny_hugger's nerves any good.

Once again the carousel was running at full speed, a good six rotations per minute. Every year we worry we'll get there and find they've reduced the ride to insipid dull speeds; a fast carousel is a thrill ride.

bunny_hugger got a set of pictures of the ride, and of the housing to the ride --- including the lighted arch on the path leading to it --- as part of her planned self-made carousel calendar. She'd resolved to make it after our surprise at the Merry-Go-Round Museum in October. This was the first carousel, besides Cedar Point's, that we'd seen since that resolve. The lit arch framing the building at night form her December picture, and it's a splendidly made one.

Trivia: In February 1939 the British Royal Navy had nine battleships: four in the home waters, two at Gibraltar, three in the Mediterranean. Source: The Vulnerability of Empire, Charles A Kupchan.

Currently Reading: The Complete Peanuts, 1985-1986, Charles M Schulz. Editor Gary Groth.

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