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I thought I was the Bally table king

So pinball has this problem where it's not quite as sexist as, say, the computer industry but not for want of trying. Some folks are trying to fight back, opening up, for example, new web forums where the casual misogyny of web forums is slapped down. And the International Flipper Pinball Association has started tracking the top female players in the world, including separate women's rankings that contain the scores of gender-restricted tournaments. IFPA points, in general, don't count events which are not open in principle to anyone wishing to compete. The women's-only rankings count women's-only tournaments.

Last year bunny_hugger played the Women's Division of the Baby Food Festival, in Fremont, and took third place. That was not much, but there haven't been many women's-only or women's-division tournaments. The event put her, for 2016, at something like 22nd in the world for women's-only events. Still: the top 16 women would be invited to the Women's World Championship in Dallas this month! And a couple of women declined their invitations, with the person just ahead of bunny_hugger accepting the last spot. That person would have been ranked lower than bunny_hugger if a ranking revision, motivated by some complicated rules-violations issues at the New York Superleague, had been done a month earlier. But it wasn't, and so bunny_hugger reconciled herself to having just missed out on being invited to the Women's World Championship. And resolving to make it next year.

And then came the e-mail. Someone else had dropped out, and as the next-ranked person, it was bunny_hugger's turn to accept or decline the invite.

She slept on it, but said yes, and so we'll soon be off to Dallas. She'll be facing the top-ranked woman in competitive pinball today in the first round of a best-of-seven tournament run by the same rules as the State Championship Series as last month. bunny_hugger already dreads a crushing first-round defeat. Some of our pinball-superstar friends think she's got a good chance, judging her opponent as overrated and less tough than, say, the woman SMS --- also going, and the woman who knocked me out of the Michigan championship --- is to face. We shall see. Me, I've got a pin-golf side tournament and reassuring bunny_hugger that nobody thinks she's out of place in a world championship like this ahead.

Trivia: Reptile was a last-minute addition to the original Mortal Kombat; designers Ed Boon and John Tobias hoped to make a character that turned up rarely, so that people who saw it would talk about it with conviction but be doubted by their friends. ``You wouldn't know if somebody was telling the truth or not if you said, `There's a guy, a green ninja, and you fight him at the bottom of the pit','' recounted Boon. Source: The Ultimate History of Video Games, steven L Kent.

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