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We took our pet rabbit to the vet's for his follow-up checkup on what turned out to be the windiest day Lansing's seen in ages. When I say ``windy'' I understate things. We were getting steady winds above thirty miles per hour and gusts above sixty. We didn't lose power, but many people did, all across the lower peninsula. The vet's office had power flickering, which meant that they weren't able to actually run the blood work on him. They had to call us back the next day and, by asking for ``Mister (bunny_hugger's last name)'' made me suspect they were another of the creditor-we-assume calls that her starter husband still gets here on occasion. He turned out to be quite well, and the touch of anemia he'd had has cleared up, probably because we've got him eating a more varied diet. While he was none too happy at the start of the checkup he apparently understood when all the examining was done, as he was happy to prowl around the waiting room and charm other folks there.

The wind, though. The wind. It made for hazardous driving. It made for school closures, with some places sending students home as early as 11 am, and have you ever heard of that? Me neither. bunny_hugger was driving --- my car was waiting for new brake calipers --- and not at all happy driving on the highway with wind pushing her car, not to mention the 18-wheelers, around like paper airplanes.

Quite a bit of stuff got damaged or destroyed, including an evergreen tree up the block. Several billboards are listing dangerously. There were fears the front of an historical church opposite the capitol would cave in, but it looks like they'll be able to shore that up. And the (opposite us) fence of one of our neighbors' collapsed, so I guess they won't be letting their dogs run in the yard for a while.

And us? As has happened the last few times, we got out of it lucky. We had a storm window blown off and land in the back yard. I thought it was from the guest bedroom, meaning it fell from upstairs and didn't shatter. Which would be really astounding, but no: it fell from the breakfast nook instead. Less stupendous. A lot of leaves and some litter fell in the backyard pond, and since the ice on that had melted I just had to spend a half-hour skimming stuff out. But we didn't lose anything more than some minor branches. And it blasted all the leaves out of the side garden and between our hedges, as well as cleaning out the seed shells underneath the bird and squirrel feeders. Really, apart from it blowing all our squirrels over into Okemos, the windstorm was a great convenience.

Trivia: French astronomer Denis Petau appears to have been, in 1627, the first person to write dates with ``BC'' for the pre-Christian-Era. Source: The Calendar: The 5000-Year Struggle to Align the Clock and the Heavens --- and What Happened to the Missing Ten Days, David Ewing Duncan.

Currently Reading: Waging War: The Clash Between Presidents and Congress, 1776 to ISIS, David J Barron.

PS: Terrible and Less-Terrible Pi, my Pi Day contribution of whatnot.

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