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Here we are, born to be kings

I'm sorry for the curt nature of today's entry, but I was at a sibling's much of the day and had an actual car to drive and do chores today. All my previous declarations to my parents that I had tasks to complete -- largely, admittedly, buying things; but it's those things I can't find in Singapore -- didn't register, some sort of cognitive disorder I'd like studied.

Anyway. Miscellaneous things noted. There's a store on US 1 named ``The Scrub Shop,'' selling, they say, ``Discounted Medical Uniforms.'' A discount medical uniform store sounds like the sort of place you build a comedy bit, maybe an entire late 70s sitcom, around. The clothes looked like the stuff Mary and Rhoda might wear, too.

The Woodbridge Center Mall had a lot of stands, outside stores, selling comic books. They also had a carousel; I don't know if this is new, since I don't go there often. The carousel went counterclockwise, as viewed from above, and had three rows of animals, the outer two horses and sleighs, the inner a bit wilder with a dragon, an ostrich, that sort of thing, and a decent crowd of kids enjoying it. There was also an in-mall model train ride, with nobody riding or lined up for a ride or looking interested in a ride, with a sad-looking old woman trapped inside the ticket booth. I felt sorry for her, but felt too awkward to buy a ride.

And at the Monmouth Mall, according to the news radio, a showing of Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith abruptly switched to Japanese. I had nothing to do with this.

Trivia: 20-year-old Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute student Tyler Hinman this year became the youngest winner of the American Crossword Puzzle Contest. Source: He's Got A Clue! At Rensselaer short article , Rensselaer Alumni Magazine, Spring 2005.

Currently Reading: Discoveries: The Voyages of Captain Cook, Nicholas Thomas.


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