austin_dern (austin_dern) wrote,

Shovin' right off for home again!

Arrived, landed, safe and reasonably sound, thank you very much. More later. In an unexpected delight I looked out the window as we were flying over Vietnam, and saw below a coastal city, lit up in the night with ships attending it, sparkling in the dark -- and a vaporous mist above, lit by flashes of occasional lightning. It's one of the most beautiful things I've seen, and I'm just lucky I happened to look out right then. There were other thunderstorms along the way, and they always look good at night, but none compared to this; it's a matter of time, and luck.

The only movies I sat fully through were Finding Neverland, which I think I would have liked had the actors not taken Advanced Whisper Classes making their voices inaudible over the headphones, and Coach Carter, which despite being inspirational was an entertaining movie, and included a quote I'm going to have to use at some point. On the audio channels was a medley of Disneyland-commemorative songs, in which I discovered (I've never been to Disneyland) the voice of Tony the Tiger shows up rather often, as the person calling out destinations on the riverboat, as a tiki tiki tiki tiki tiki bird, as a Pirate of the Caribbean, and so on. Somewhere in ``Bear Necessities'' I realized how well Phil Harris could sing, just on the level of modulating his voice. And every time during ``We're Painting The Roses Red'' -- a favorite of mine, and I can't say why -- the audio cut out, except for the very last loop as we were landing when I finally heard it. Weird. Starsky and Hutch was playing, again.

Trivia: To mail a letter in the United States in 1868 cost three cents for the first half-ounce, and three cents for each additional half-ounce. Source: The World Almanac Commemorative Edition, 1868 World Almanac reprint.

Currently Reading: Showboat World, Jack Vance.


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